Mission Name Distorter of Time
Number 24
Level 75
Items Needed Key ItemUmbra Bug
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Dungeons and Dancers The Will of the World
Replay Cutscenes
Distorter of Time (pt.1-2) Goblin Footprint Beaucedine Glacier (S) (H-11)


  • Examine the Regal Pawprints (to the north of the previous mission and one level below), at (H-7) of Beaucedine Glacier (S), while in possession of the Key ItemUmbra Bug to begin the battlefield.
    • TIP: If you are just completing the previous mission, stay on the same level and head north from the Campaign Arbiter, there will be a hole in the ground by the cliff (H-7). The hole is visible and at the edge overlooking the Regal Pawprints.


  • Buffs wear upon entry. Time limit is 30 minutes, and experience is not lost upon death. Alter egos may be summoned once inside.
  • You will fight alongside Lilisette. You have approximately 2 minutes, 30 seconds to prepare before Lilisette will engage Cait Sith Ceithir on her own.
  • Cait Sith Ceithir will primarily use AoE or single-target black magic, and some enfeebling white magic spells.
  • Cait Sith Ceithir will occasionally summon Atomos, who will use the following abilities in order before disappearing:
    • Soul Vacuum: Reduces all attributes by points from Lilisette and all party members within 25' of her.
    • Soul Infusion: Bestows all drained stats from Soul Vacuum to Cait Sith Ceithir, temporarily increasing his power drastically.
      • These effects last approximately 1 minute and cannot be removed until they wear.
  • After defeating Cait Sith Ceithir you will get a cutscene.

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  • If you fail, you will have to get a new Key ItemUmbra Bug from the Regal Pawprints at the southern Pso'Xja tower at (H-10). You may only obtain an Key ItemUmbra Bug once per Vana'diel day.

Game Description

Mission Orders
What shocking truth lies behind Cait Sith Ceithir's bold declaration that Atomos will choose the future? The answer must wait! Use the combined power of the surviving Cait Siths to stop the rampant Atomos!