Start NPC Femitte - Southern San d'Oria (I-8)
Requirements San d'Oria Reputation 4
Items Needed Mythril Ingot
Repeatable No
Reward White Cape


  • Femitte needs a goldsmith to make a special earring for her, and not just any goldsmith will do. She gives you the Goldsmithing Order key item and specifically requests that you find an Elvaan goldsmith to complete this work. If you have already done "The Elvaan Goldsmith" you may recall Michea meets the requirements.
  • You may wish to set your Home Point to somewhere in San d'Oria in order to return here later on (via Warp or similar method). This will reduce your travel time considerably.
  • Travel to Bastok Markets, you will find Michea, an Elvaan living on the top floor above Brunhilde the Armorer. You find out she's Femitte's niece.
  • She asks you to fetch her a Mythril Ingot to complete the order, find her this and trade it to her.
  • She takes some time to make this item (zone out and back into Bastok Markets). When she is finished, she will give you the Key Item Mythril Hearts.
  • Return to Femitte for a cutscene and your reward.
  • Optional Return to Michea for extra dialogue.

Game Description

Femitte (Victory Square, Southern San d'Oria)
A goldsmith is needed to fill an order. Only Elvaan need apply.
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