Dispelling Attack
Description: Adds dispelling effect to regular attacks. Cannot be combined with any other elemental damage additions.
Feral Points: 23

Obtainable From

Name Family Zone Level
Promathia Unknown Empyreal Paradox Unknown
Tartarus Eft Efts Bibiki Bay 76-78
Stray Wanderers Promyvion - Mea 19-31
Wanderer Wanderers Promyvion - Mea 22-36


  • Increases in potency as feral skill level increases

I've spent 96 shots on the Tartarus Eft using the "Soultrapper 2000", regular "Blank Soul Plates" and the "Zoraal Ja's helm" (Vs. lizards: Increases feral drain success rate". 48 shots were of the Tartarus Eft's at G-8 on the cliff and the other 48 shots were taken of the Tartarus Eft's in the cave at F-10. 94 shots were taken without agro, 2 shots were taken in combat while the mob was slept. I received 0/96 "Dispelling Attack" plates. The only plates I did receive were: Fire Attack Bonus, Evasion +15%, STR +25, Vermin Killer, Poisoning Attack, AGI +25, Evasion Bonus

With the Zoraal Ja's Helm, it took me fourty-five soulplates and eighteen high speed soulplates to obtain Dispelling Attack from the Tartarus Eft, resulting in a total of sixty-three feral drains. This is really rare off of the Tartarus Efts, so expect to spend some time draining it off of them. --Winthrop 18:19, 4 May 2008 (UTC)

With no gear, and 36 regular soulplates and a soultrapper 2000 I got 1 dispelling attack from a Light-elemented Wanderer on the first floor. Much easier to take pictures of these than efts as long as you have the Tactics pearl quest active and an NPC that can tank for you. --Melsara 21:16, 11 Aug 2008

Skipping the eft route, I went to Promyvion - Mea with Soultrapper 2000, 2 stacks of high speed soulplates, and 2 stacks of regular soulplates. Four pictures in (starting off with the regular soulpates), I ended up with 2 dispelling attacks and 2 random other attributes I didn't care about. --Armitron 20:01, January 21, 2010 (UTC)