Dispel refers to a spell or ability that removes one or more beneficial status effects from a target. There are numerous ways an effect can be dispelled, be it a spell, blood pact, job ability, weapon effect, or monster special attack.

The following jobs are able to dispel in one form or another:

Job Level Type Name Trust Magic
Bard 33 Song Magic Finale None
Blue Mage 38 Blue Magic Blank Gaze None
Blue Mage 46 Blue Magic Geist Wall None
Blue Mage 64 Blue Magic Voracious Trunk None
Blue Mage 84 Blue Magic Osmosis None
Corsair 40 Quick Draw Dark Shot Luzaf
Red Mage 32 Enfeebling Magic Dispel Ajido-Marujido, Arciela II, Koru-Moru, Ovjang
Scholar 32 Enfeebling Magic Dispel via Addendum: Black None
Summoner 32 Fenrir Blood Pact: Ward Lunar Roar None
Thief 75 Job Trait Aura Steal None

The following Weapons are able to dispel via various methods:

Weapon Name Level Cause Weapon Type
Balmung 70 DRK Additional Effect Great Sword
Claustrum 75 SMN/BLM Additional Effect Staff
Dispel Couse 60 WAR/SAM/DRG Enchantment Polearm
Lockheart 64 WAR/PLD/DRK Additional Effect Great Sword
Mythril Heart/Mythril Heart +1 66 WAR/PLD/DRK Additional Effect Great Sword

Monster Abilities

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