Start NPC Mano-Amano, Yorcia Weald (Frontier Station)
Requirements Adoulin Reputation Information Needed
Items Needed Key ItemFistful of numbing soil
Repeatable No
Reward 1,000 experience/limit points
500 bayld
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None Flower Power


  • Talk to Mano-Amano at the Frontier Station in Yorcia Weald to begin the quest.
  • Go to (I-8) of Yorcia Weald (take Bivouac #3 if possible) and click on the ??? located among the Numbing Blossoms to obtain a Key ItemFistful of numbing soil.
    • An obstructing bush blocks (I-8) nearly all the time. It despawns briefly from 21:00 to 3:00 game time. Quickly examine the ??? to obtain the key item, then leave the area blocked by the bush or warp out. It is impossible to death-warp out because Numbing Blossoms cannot kill you and there are no other enemies in this small area. If you don't leave before 3:00 and you have no method of warping, you are stuck here until 21:00.
  • Return to Mano-Amano for your reward.

Game Description

Mano-Amano (Frontier Station, Yorcia Weald)
Numbing blossoms grow in a particular area of the weald. Find where that is and collect a soil sample.