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Zone Information
Area Name Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba
Type Outdoors
Map Acquisition Obtained on first entry
Miscellaneous Able to use Tractor
Region Abdhaljs
Expansion Chains of Promathia
Requirements Key ItemBallista License
One of the following:
Ballista Redbook
Redbook Page
Ballista Whitebook
Whitebook Page
Restrictions Players are ejected at end of reservation.
Background music
Monstrosity Not applicable
Notes None

A perfect minature reconstruction of Ghelsba Outpost created by the great mage Abdhaljs hidden on an island somewhere in the Tavnazian Archipelago. The Diorama was created by Abdhaljs for Conflict so that players could enjoy private matches of Ballista. Anyone wishing to use the Diorama is shrunk down to a fraction of their normal size by the forbidden magic "Mini" and transported there.

Diorama Ghelsba Outpost.JPG

Ru'Lude Gardens via Pursuivants at (F-7), (G-6), (G-10)


For changes and updates to the Diorama Abdhaljs battlesystem see the update history under Ballista. For detailed information read under April 2005 Updates

  • Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba can only be accessed after being reserved.
  • To reserve the area, a Ballista license and 100 Ballista Points are required. There are no race or nationality restrictions.
  • Diorama Abdhaljs-Ghelsba can be reserved for “blocks” of two hours (Earth time).
  • Reservations can be made for any two-hour block of time up to two days (Earth time) after the current date. Reservation times are in the player's local time.
  • For example, if a player wishes to reserve the Diorama on April 29 from 10:00 to 12:00, she could make her reservation any time after 10:00 on April 27.
  • Upon completing a reservation, players will receive a copy of the "Ballista redbook". This item is needed for entry into the Diorama. It also can be used to create “Redbook Pages” which may be passed out to fellow adventurers, which will allow them access to the area as well.
  • In the event that no one reserves a certain two-hour block, or a reservation is not reconfirmed (reconfirmation is required 15 minutes before a reservation begins), other adventurers can immediately occupy the current block.
  • In this case, the new applicant will receive a copy of the "Ballista whitebook". Just as with the redbook, this item is used for entry into the Diorama, as well as for making "Whitebook Pages" which can be passed out to others.
  • At the time of reservation, the area’s level restriction is chosen. This level will be “printed” on the red/whitebook and all of its pages.
  • All Diorama-related services (including reservations, transportation, and information) are handled by Tillecoe, who is situated in front of the Ru'Lude Gardens Residential Area entrance at I-8.
  • All services are free except for reservations (which require 100 Ballista Points) and transportation (which requires a 600 gil fee).

Talk to Tillecoe at Ru'Lude Gardens (I-8) to make a reservation.

NPCs Found Here

Name Location Type
Herald F-7 Ballista Referee
Pursuivant F-7 Teleporter
Pursuivant G-10 Teleporter
Pursuivant G-6 Teleporter