Teaches the white magic Diaga II. Lowers defense of enemies within area of effect and gradually deals Light elemental damage.


Spell cost: Unknown
Spell element: Light
Magic skill: Enfeebling


Casting Time: Unknown Recast Time: Unknown

How to Obtain

The spell "Diaga II" is not available for players to learn within the FFXI world, even though almost all high level RDM or WHM mobs/NPCs (generally level ~55 and above) are able to cast it.

Other Information

Diaga II gives Dia II effect.

Dia / Bio Priority

Dia and Bio do not stack.
Dia < Bio < Dia II < Bio II < Dia III < Bio III
Any "greater" magic will always overwrite the "lesser" one despite time it was cast.
Example: If Dia is cast, and Bio is cast afterwards, Dia will be overwritten. If Dia II is then cast, Bio will be overwritten. If Bio II is cast, Dia II will be overwritten.
Note: This is not necessarily the case for player characters who have been hit with both spells.

Used By The Following NPCs

Used By The Following Monsters