• Diabolos is subject to a perpetuation cost based on the level of the Summoner. See Avatar Perpetuation Cost.
    • Diabolos's perpetuation cost starts at 1 MP/3s at level 1, becoming 13 MP/3s at level 99, before Refresh or Auto-Refresh effects.
  • Resistant to dark-based damage and enfeebling effects, including dark-based Sleep effects.
  • Weak against light-based damage and enfeebling effects.
  • Avatar's Favor effect: Refresh (Diabolos's Favor).

Avatar Abilities

Diabolos's Blood Pacts are all dark-based.

Blood Pact: Rage

Name Level MP S/T1 Description Comment
Ruinous Omen 1 LVx2 T Required MP: Caster's level x2. Uses all MP and reduces the HP of enemies within Area of Effect by a random percentage. The cap on the percentage is reduced against some monsters.Verification Needed

Available only while Astral Flow is active.

Camisado 1 20 S Deals physical damage. Skillchain property: Compression-Icon.gifCompression.
Nether Blast 65 109 T Delivers a ranged attack that deals darkness elemental damage. Ignores shadows & deals direct damage. Damage is only affected by Pet Magic Attack Bonus effects, and is only reduced by target's innate Magic Defense Bonus or Stoneskin.
Night Terror 80 177 T Deals Darkness damage to an enemy. If the target is asleep, this ability deals ~40% more damage.

Blood Pact: Ward

Name Level MP S/T1 Description Comment
Somnolence 20 30 T Weighs target down, and deals magical damage. This is the only "Blood Pact: Ward" that directly deals damage.
Nightmare 29 42 T? Deals darkness elemental damage that puts all enemies within Area of Effect to sleep and gradually reduces their HP. The ability inflicts two statuses: a special Sleep effect and a damage-over-time Bio effect.
Ultimate Terror 37 27 T? Decreases attributes of enemies within Area of Effect.
Noctoshield 49 92 Gives party members within Area of Effect the effect of "Phalanx." Lasts 180 seconds. Not as potent as the spell.
Dream Shroud 56 121 Enhances magic attack and magic defense of party members within Area of Effect. Lasts 180 seconds. Grants separate Magic Attack Bonus and Magic Defense Bonus buffs. Amount of Magic Attack and Magic Defense is dependent on the time of day: +10% Magic Attack and very little Magic Defense at midnight, +10% Magic Defense and very little Magic Attack at high noon.
Pavor Nocturnus 98 246 Inflict Death on target. If target is not affected by Death then will give the effect of Dispel instead. Possible to increase success rate if target is asleep. Possibly a greater increase of success if target is under the effects of Nightmare.

1 S/T column indicates whether a particular Blood Pact participates in Skillchains (S) or uses TP (T). Blood Pacts that use TP can be used as a Magic Burst; however, Astral Flow can also Magic Burst even though it does not actually consume TP.

How to Obtain