Job Ability

  • Sacrifices HP to grant a party member the same amount in MP.
  • Obtained: White Mage Level 75
  • Recast Time: 0:10:00
  • Duration: Instant
  • Target: Party member, cannot target self.

How to Obtain

Obtained: White Mage Merit Point Group 2 (requires 3 merit points)


  • 25% of the user's current HP is taken as "damage" upon use. The amount is then bestowed to the target as MP.
  • Additional merits will increase the HP to MP ratio by 5% per merit.
  • The HP loss from this ability can be absorbed with Stoneskin
  • If used when HP is less than 4, it will have no effect.
  • Unlike Martyr which was updated to have range equivalent to that of Cure spells, Devotion still has a maximum distance of 10'.

Macro Syntax

  • /ja "Devotion" <t>


  • /ja "Devotion" <stpc>


  • /ja "Devotion" <stpt>