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FFXIclopedia was given the opportunity to submit questions and peek into the minds of the development team regarding the Trial of the Magians. The questions were submitted to Square Enix and translated into Japanese. The answers were then translated back into English, and Square Enix provided us with both language versions for us to share with the community.

Questions and Answers

English 日本語

Will players eventually be able to modify all of their armor and weapons via trials? If so, when can we expect those changes to be implemented into the system, and what kind of restrictions will there be?


While system and game balance concerns make it unrealistic to allow all existing equipment to be augmented through Trial of the Magians, we intend to expand the system in such a way that players' most precious acquisitions can stay fit for active use long after the level cap has been increased.

The plans announced at VanaFest 2010 are just the tip of the iceberg, so stay tuned!




Will there be additional trials added to the final stages of the weapons currently available? In other words, if you have completed a quest sequence to augment a Kartika dagger with +5 DMG, will there be more trials included in the future to enhance that weapon even further?


New trials that pick up where the existing ones left off will be introduced in the next version update, with a sneak peek forthcoming on Topics in the coming weeks.

Further additions and refinements are also in the works for future updates. We are constantly striving to incorporate user feedback, and can assure that you won't be disappointed with the results!





It is always a pleasure to be given the opportunity to communicate with the dev team. It looks like they have put a lot of thought into keeping FFXI balanced throughout all of the upcoming changes. Even with the level cap increase on the way, the Trial of the Magians system has given adventurers no reason to feel that their time spent earning special pieces of gear was wasted. FFXI has come a long way since FFXIclopedia started and it continues to evolve in ways we never imagined - many times due to suggestions from the community.