Abyssea Q&A

We have been able to hit up the dev team for another little Q&A. This time we asked some questions about Abyssea. The questions were submitted to Square Enix and translated into Japanese. The answers were then translated back into English, and Square Enix provided us with both language versions for us to share with the community.

Questions and Answers

English 日本語

What is the colored light you obtain after defeating an enemy in Abyssea? Do the light colors have anything to do with the different colored chests that can appear when a monster is defeated?


There are seven varieties of light obtainable, each providing a unique benefit to the player. Their effects are as follows:

  • Pearlescent: All sturdy pyxides will appear with greater frequency.
  • Azure: Blue pyxides will appear with greater frequency and yield superior spoils.
  • Ruby: Red pyxides will appear with greater frequency and yield superior spoils.
  • Amber: Gold pyxides will appear with greater frequency and yield superior spoils.
  • Golden: The adventurer will gain experience at an increased rate.
  • Silvery: The adventurer will obtain cruor at an increased rate.
  • Ebon: A small bonus will be granted to all colored light effects.

Multiple colors can be obtained at once, and each color will grow in intensity the more you acquire, granting even greater benefits. Use them well and these prismatic boons just might be the key to your survival in the harsh environs of Abyssea!

ビジタントが発する光は全部で7色(7種類)あり、いずれも皆さんにとってメリットのある効果が得られるようになっています。 今回は特別に全ての光の効果を紹介します。

  • 白色の光 → 宝箱全体の出現率アップ
  • 青色の光 → 青い宝箱の出現率と中身のランク確率アップ
  • 赤色の光 → 赤い宝箱の出現率と中身のランク確率アップ
  • 黄色の光 → 金色の宝箱の出現率と中身のランク確率アップ
  • 金色の光 → 取得経験値アップ
  • 銀色の光 → 取得クルオアップ
  • 黒色の光 → すべての光の効果が若干アップ


What is the the Flask of Primeval Brew? 2,000,000 cruor is quite a lot for a single item! It would be nice to know what it does before buying it!


Adventurers who quaff a flask of primeval brew will find themselves possessed of transcendent powers for a span of three Earth minutes.

While the deepest secrets of this beatific beverage are not for us to reveal, its benefits include a +999 boost to all attributes, Regen and Refresh that restore 300 points of HP/MP every three seconds, and other effects sure to bewilder even the most brutal Abyssean fiends.

Aside from the questions we received this time, we'd like to take this opportunity to announce two system enhancements that will be coming to Abyssea in the next version update. We will be adding a way for players to check their cruor supply, as well as the amount of time before they can obtain another traverser stone.

And of course, the upcoming Scars of Abyssea and Heroes of Abyssea promise to offer even tougher challenges and richer rewards—don't miss them!



それから質問からは外れてしまいますが、今回、「禁断の地 アビセア」を少しでも早くお届けするために、アビセアに関するいくつかの仕様を次回のバージョンアップに見送っています。たとえば、所持しているクルオの所持数を確認できる機能や、トラバーサー石をNPCから受け取れるまでの時間を知る機能などがそれにあたります。



FFXI continues to challenge players with new content. The Flask of Primeval Brew sounds pretty amazing. Maybe it'll help defeat Absolute Virtue - only time can tell! Communication with the development team is always a pleasure. Let's see what we might pry out of them next time. We hope you enjoy these opportunities.