JSE Cape Augmentation
Western Adoulin (J-10) Inventor's Coalition


Do you wish to have the equipment you wrested from the clutches of the continent's menaces bestowed with certain arcane glyptics? If not, your soul will forever be consumed with regret.


He will augment any Level 99 J.S.E. Cape upon trading the cape with a Refractive Crystal for a 400 Bayld fee.

  • If you do not like the new augments and choose to keep the old ones, it will still consume the crystal.

Available Augments

Name Description Augments Job
Mauler's Mantle DEF:17 STR+5 Accuracy+13 Attack+13 "Double Attack"+3% Strength +1~5, Dexterity +1~5, Accuracy +1~7, Critical Hit Damage +1~3% WAR
Anchoret's Mantle DEF:16 HP+80 VIT+5 Accuracy+20 Attack+15 Strength +1~5, Dexterity +1~5, Counter +1~5, Subtle Blow +1~5 MNK
Mending Cape DEF:13 Enmity-6 Enhances "Cursna" effect Enhances "Divine Caress" effect Magic Accuracy +1~10, Healing Magic Skill +1~10, Enhancing Magic Skill +1~10, Cure Potency +1~5% WHM
Bane Cape DEF:13 MP+90 Magic Accuracy+10 Magic Damage+10 Enmity-2 Magic Attack Bonus +1~5, Elemental Magic Skill +1~10, Dark Magic Skill +1~10, Fast Cast +1~5 BLM
Ghostfyre Cape DEF:13 "Cure" potency +6% Magic Damage+6 Sword enhancement spell damage +5 Magic Accuracy +1~10, Enfeebling Magic Skill +1~10, Enhancing Magic Skill +1~10, Enhancing Magic Duration +10~20 RDM
Canny Cape DEF:16 AGI+6 Accuracy+10 Evasion+15 "Triple Attack"+2% Dexterity +1~5, Agility +1~5, Dual Wield +1~5, Critical Hit Damage +1~3% THF
Weard Mantle DEF:20 HP+40 MP+40 Accuracy+15 Damage taken -3% Dexterity +1~5, Vitality +1~5, Enmity +1~7, Phalanx +1~5 PLD
Niht Mantle DEF:16 STR+5 Attack+35 Attack +5~15, Dark Magic Skill +1~10, Drain and Aspir Potency +10~25, Weapon Skill Damage +1~5% DRK
Pastoralist's Mantle DEF:16 MND+10 Accuracy+10 Attack+20 Pet: Attack+20 Strength +1~5, Dexterity +1~5, Accuracy +1~5, Pet: Accuracy +5~20, Pet: Ranged Accuracy +5~20, Pet: Damage Taken -1~5% BST
Rhapsode's Cape DEF:13 MP+50 Magic Accuracy+13 "Magic Def. Bonus"+5 Wind instrument skill +8 HP +18~30, Magic Accuracy +1~7, Enmity -1~10, Damage Taken -1~3% BRD
Lutian Cape DEF:13 HP+50 Ranged Accuracy+15 Ranged Attack+15 Enmity-5 Strength +1~5, Agility +1~5, Store TP +1~3, Snapshot +1~3 RNG
Takaha Mantle DEF:17 Accuracy+15 Attack+15 "Store TP"+10 Strength +1~5, Store TP + 1~3, Zanshin +1~5, Meditate Duration +4~8 SAM
Yokaze Mantle DEF:16 HP+50 Accuracy+15 Attack+15 Ranged Accuracy+15 Magic Accuracy+15 Evasion+15 "Double Attack"+2% Strength +1~5, Dexterity +1~5, Skillchain Damage +1~5%, Weapon Skill Damage +1~5% NIN
Updraft Mantle DEF:16 VIT+8 Accuracy+20 Attack+20 Wyvern: HP+100 Attack+20 Strength +1~5, Weapon Skill Damage +1~5, Pet: Damage Taken -1~4%, Breath +1~10 DRG
Conveyance Cape DEF:13 MP+100 Summoning magic skill +8 Enhances "Elemental Siphon" effect Summoning Magic Skill +1~5, Blood Pact Damage +1~5, Blood Pact recast time II -1~3, Pet: Enmity +5~15 SMN
Cornflower Cape DEF:16 STR+5 INT+5 MND+5 Magic Accuracy+15 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+15 Blue magic skill +5 MP +15~30, Dexterity +1~5, Accuracy +1~7, Blue Magic Skill +1~10 BLU
Gunslinger's Cape DEF:16 Ranged Accuracy+20 Magic Accuracy+10 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+10 "Recycle" Magic Attack Bonus +1~5, Enmity -1~5, Phantom Roll delay -1~5, Weapon Skill Damage +1~5 COR
Dispersal Mantle DEF:16 Accuracy+15 Attack+15 Evasion+10 "Subtle Blow"+4 Reduces "Overload" rate Strength +1~5, Dexterity +1~5, Martial Arts +10~20, Pet: TP Bonus +100~500 PUP
Toetapper Mantle DEF:16 Accuracy+20 Evasion+10 "Subtle Blow"+10 "Waltz" potency +5% Store TP +1~5, Dual Wield +1~5, Reverse Flourish +10~30, Weapon Skill Damage +1~5 DNC
Bookworm's Cape DEF:13 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+10 Elemental magic skill +8 Dark magic skill +8 Magic Damage+10 Intelligence +1~5, Mind +1~5, Helix Duration +10~20, Regen Potency +1~10 SCH
Lifestream Cape DEF:13 HP+50 MP+50 Enfeebling magic skill +10 Geomancy skill +10 Enhances "Fast Cast" Effect Geomancy Skill +1~10, Indi Duration +10~20, Damage Taken -1~5%, Pet: Damage Taken -1~5% GEO
Evasionist's Cape DEF:16 Accuracy+15 "Magic Atk. Bonus"+10 Evasion+15 Physical damage taken -3% Double Attack +1~5, Enmity +1~7, Embolden +5~15, Damage Taken -1~5% RUN
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