Start NPC Resistance Sapper - Abyssea - Vunkerl (I-9)
Repeatable Yes (one Resistance Ops quest per Vana'diel day)
Reward Varying amount of Cruor and Resistance Credits

You will be asked to carry supplies back to the outpost with a Magicked flaxen sack given to you by the Resistance Sapper.

Directions: Talk to the Resistance Sapper. Go to the spot shown on the map. Use VC#04, very near to it.

  • He will mark the spot on your map with a Target green marker.

Choose the smaller trunk. You will have a choice between an oil cloth, triangular flask, and an elongated flask.

  • Loading too many items in it will make the sack tear and you will fail the mission.
    • Triangular flask >> oil cloth >> elongated flask >> oil cloth >> triangular flask did not tear the sack.
    • 19 items got me "The fabric of .... squeaking under the tension."
    • T.flask, T. flask, Oil Cloth, T.flask, T. Flask, oil cloth, t. flask, oil cloth, t. flask, oil cloth, t. flask, t. flask, oil cloth, t. flask, oil cloth, t. flask, t. flask, oil cloth, oil cloth.
    • -NOTE: I tried this combo, didn't even make it halfway before it ripped.
    • -NOTE: Higher fame may increase number of items into the sacks, up to 22 items in Abyssea - Vunkerl.Verification Needed

Report back to the Resistance Sapper] for your reward. The amount of cruor obtained varies with how much stuff you cram into the sack. Varies from 50 to 1000 cruor so far. Received 30-100 Resistance Credits for completion.