Start NPC Resistance Sapper - Abyssea - Attohwa (G-8)
Repeatable Yes (one Resistance Ops quest per Vana'diel day)
Reward Varying amount of Cruor and Resistance Credits


  • Talk to the Resistance Sapper and you will receive a Magicked Flaxen Sack.
  • He will mark the spot on your map with a Target green marker.
  • Go to the spot shown on the map. (Take Conflux #6).
  • Choose the smaller trunk. You will have a choice between an oil cloth, triangular flask, and an elongated flask.
  • Begin cramming items. With each item, you are informed if the item went into the sack or not, and the status of the sack.
    • Statuses vary from: "In perfectly sound condition", "feels a little bit taut", "showing signs of stretching", to "squeaking under the tension."
  • When you are satisfied that you've crammed the sack as much as possible, finish the cramming procedure and head back to the Sapper.
  • Warning: Loading too many items in it will make the sack tear and you will fail the mission.

The amount of cruor obtained varies with how much stuff you cram into the sack.

Game Description

Resistance Sapper (Central Outpost, Abyssea - Attohwa)
The continual defense of the pulse martello has pushed our soldiers to the brink of exhaustion. This operation requires you to transport ensorceled battle provisions from the stockpile, using the enchanted sack provided. Be mindful that the sack does not rupture in the process.
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