This stunning edifice stands looming over the northwest portion of Qufim Island. Created in the ancient past, this structure seems virtually immune to the passage of time. While it still contains some of the ancient devices used for defense, it has been largely taken over by goblins, as well as as host of gigas. While perhaps a pristine and awe inspiring place before the beastmen came, its majesty is dulled by the presence of the Shadow Lord's minions, as well as the vermin and undead they allow to roam the hallways, unchecked.

The hallways are vast and largely unexplored by adventurers, the trek to the top being most dangerous. The sheer distance can be daunting. Over 10 floors teeming with monsters stand in the way; but some consider this a challenge...

Completing the quest "The Antique Collector" will reward you with the Map of Delkfutt's Tower. It is given by Imasuke, an NPC located in Port Jeuno just before the exit into Qufim Island, and requires Jeuno reputation level 4.

Delkfutt's Tower is comprised of four zones; the first three are each split into multiple floors:

Lower Delkfutt's Tower

Lower Delkfutt's Tower Basement

Lower Delkfutt's Tower Floor 1

Lower Delkfutt's Tower Floor 2

Lower Delkfutt's Tower Floor 3

Middle Delkfutt's Tower

Middle Delkfutt's Tower Floor 4

Middle Delkfutt's Tower Floor 5

Middle Delkfutt's Tower Floor 6

Middle Delkfutt's Tower Floor 7

Middle Delkfutt's Tower Floor 8

Middle Delkfutt's Tower Floor 9

Upper Delkfutt's Tower

Upper Delkfutt's Tower Floor 10

Upper Delkfutt's Tower Floor 11

Upper Delkfutt's Tower Floor 12

Stellar Fulcrum

There is no map to the Stellar Fulcrum