«FFXI-Movie» 0317 - Delivering the Goods

«FFXI-Movie» 0317 - Delivering the Goods

Game Script

Delivering the Goods (pt.1) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Fochacha: You're an adventurer, right? It's so obvy-wobvious. As you can probably guess, I'm also not from around here.

Fochacha: The name's Fochacha. I came here from Windurst with my son so I could sharpy-warp up my cooking skills! I'm already a veteran, and I wanted to see just what I could do.

Fochacha: My son is at the port now picking up cooking ingredients that have just arrived from Windurst.

Fochacha: Oh, speaking of ingredients, you've got to try my cooking at least once and let me know what you thinky-wink!

Topok-Hippok: Mom! Mom!
Someone ran off with the ingredients!

Fochacha: They've been stolen? And you didn't try to stop them? Who could perpetrate such a vile-wile act?

Topok-Hippok: Well...

Maudadt: Hold it right there, kid.
They call me "Serpenttongue Maudadt," and I'll be taking those groceries.

Maudadt: Now hand them over!

Maudadt: Guhahaha. Gwahahaha~!!!

Topok-Hippok: And then that creepy-weepy Galka took off with our groceries!

Fochacha: I've seen that Galka before! He was saying something to me about handing over groceries, too...

Fochacha: He didn't stick around very long after a tasty-waste of my Hundred Fists, though!

Fochacha: So you just let him run off with our groceries and came crying to me? And you call yourself my son?

Topok-Hippok: I didn't cry! I would never cry!
...I just ran away, without crying.

Fochacha: That's beside the point! Now off with you!

Fochacha: Get those groceries back, or else...
...feel the wrath of my Hundred Fists!

Topok-Hippok: Yipe!

Fochacha: Anyway, we had better get those groceries back. Dearie me.

Fochacha: If you want to know where my son is, he's probably at the teahouse. Gourmets just lovey-wove to gather there and chat about the latest culinary trends. That rotten Galka is sure to be there, too.

Delivering the Goods (pt.2) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Qutiba: Well hello, adventurer.

We are called the "Epicureans"--devotees to mastering the art of culinary delight.

Qutiba: Our leader goes by the moniker "Serpenttongue Maudadt." Do you know of him?

Ulamaal: I find it hard to believe that someone does not know of Serpenttongue Maudadt. You are aware of the fact that the rulers of Aht Urhgan are named after serpents, yes?

Qutiba: Serpenttongue Maudadt rules over Aht Urhgan's cuisine.

Qutiba: But enough of that.
What do you think of my cooking? This fish put up quite a fight before I reeled him in.

Ulamaal: Why, Qutiba, I only expect the best from your superb fishing skill. But I doubt you could surpass my gardening talents. These vegetables could only grow with my perfect, subtle combination of crystals and patience.

Maudadt: Geheheh.
How're you guys coming along?

Ulamaal: Greetings, boss!

Maudadt: Oh, Qutiba...nice fish! That's a legendary catch!

Maudadt: And fresh vegetables from Ulamaal! Fantastic!

Maudadt: Geheheh.
I've done pretty well myself. I've got some things from Windurst, here...

Topok-Hippok: Hold it right there!
How dare you steal my mom's groceries!

Topok-Hippok: Return them at once!

Maudadt: Geheheh. What now, kid? You mean to say that you didn't give these to me out of the goodness of your heart?

Qutiba: Don't tell me he's done it again...
When it comes to food, the boss just loses his head.

Ulamaal: Boss, I really wish you'd stop this. After all, we're the ones who are going to have to go apologize later.

Maudadt: Geheheh. What're you gonna do about it, kid? Finders keepers, right?

Ulamaal: Hey boss, why don't you clean your ears out?
You're dragging the name "serpent" through the mud, you know.

Topok-Hippok: !!

Topok-Hippok: You guys are a bunch of weirdos!
I don't care if you've got a hundred-wundred snakes or even lizards! 'Cuz I've got me an adventurer here! Prepare to be vanquishized, evildoers!

Maudadt: Geheheh. You've gotta be kidding...kid.

Maudadt: Fine, you can have your lousy groceries.

Maudadt: Later.

Qutiba: Where are you going now, boss?

Maudadt: I'm going to pick up a shipment of ingredients at the port. I'll be back soon.

Topok-Hippok: That hairy meanie used up half of the food already! Ohhh, he really makes my blood boil!

Topok-Hippok: What should I do? If Mom finds out, she'll turn me into a bretzel!

Topok-Hippok: I got it! And it just might work!

Delivering the Goods (pt.3) - Aht Urhgan Whitegate
Fochacha: Howdy-wowdy.

Topok still isn't back yet.

Fochacha: Nice timing! Here he comes.

Topok-Hippok: Check it out! I got the groceries back!

Fochacha: Well, you certainly sound confident. But I know you had help from this adventurer here. What a wimpy-fimpy thing to do!

Topok-Hippok: Huh?
If you were watchin', then why didn't you helpy-welp me out, too?

Fochacha: What did you say!?

Topok-Hippok: Nothin'. Nothin' at all!

Fochacha: Wait just a moment, now.

Fochacha: Look at this beautiful dish! Eat up! Eat up! Don't leave a crumb, and let me know how it was!

Maudadt: Well, well.
What an...interesting dish.

Maudadt: Mmm...yummy.

Maudadt: But still not good enough for me!

Maudadt: See ya around. Geheheh!

Topok-Hippok: Ohhh, just wait'll I get my hands on you...!

Fochacha: He just gobbled everything up!

Fochacha: I'm very sorry, but these are all I have left. They're yours.

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