Debilitation lowers all of the stats of a character. STR, DEX, AGI, VIT, MND, INT, and CHR are all lowered by a flat 30 points each. HP and MP are lowered to 40%. Each stat can be restored to normal levels when the appropriate cell is used. When the restrictions on all stats, HP, and MP have been removed, the Debilitation status effect is removed.

Item Effect
Pathos: Debilitation
Humilus Cell Removes HP Down effect
Spissatus Cell Removes MP Down effect
Pannus Cell Removes STR Down effect
Fractus Cell Removes DEX Down effect
Congestus Cell Removes VIT Down effect
Nimbus Cell Removes AGI Down effect
Velum Cell Removes INT Down effect
Pileus Cell Removes MND Down effect
Mediocris Cell Removes CHR Down effect

In Nyzul Isle, this effect may occur after a left or right choice for one floor. Only one attribute is affected however (and sometimes it is a bonus rather than a penalty), and lasts only for one floor.

Historical Background

A debilitation is a weakness of any sort, or a loss of energy.