Darkness damage is directly proportional to MP at the time of casting and is affected by Magic Attack Bonus. It is not affected by INT. The damage is resistable based on the caster's Magic Accuracy and target's Magic Evasion. Base damage before Magic Burst, Affinity, Day/Weather effects is:

  • floor(((Consumed MP x 3) + min(32, Magic Damage)) x (Magic Attack Bonus/Target Magic Defense Bonus))[1]
  • If cast at 0 MP with Manafont, will do 0 damage. Parsimony will not reduce MP Consumed.
  • Not affected by Manifestation, Cascade, or Manawell (this includes the damage bonus from Job Points).
  • Odds of instant kill are proportional to the caster's Magic Accuracy, but capped at a low value.
    • Instant kill cannot activate on Undead. Despite how the description is worded, they will still take damage (although most Undead are dark-resistant).
    • Notorious Monsters are immune to the Instant kill effect.
    • If a target is instantly killed by the spell, Occult Acumen returns 0 TP.

Death As Cast By Enemies

When cast by enemies, Death is a Dark Magic spell that inflicts instant K.O. on the target. It does not deal darkness damage if it fails. It differs from the Doom status effect, which allows a short window of time to remove the effect before K.O. is inflicted. In either case, standard EXP loss is still incurred for being K.O.'d by these effects.

In most cases of monsters that use this spell, it has perfect accuracy on players unless they have equipment or a status boost with Death resistance. The Death spell cannot be blocked by "shadow images" such as those provided by Utsusemi or Blink, like most other offensive single-target magic can.

Death has a standard casting time of approximately 5 seconds. It is possible (and common) for certain enemies to cast it faster due to the influence of things like Fast Cast or Chainspell. Once Death begins casting, the only surefire ways to avoid K.O. are to interrupt the enemy casting it or get out of the caster's range before it finishes casting.