Dealer Moogle
Dealer Moogle
Mog Bonanza Dealer


A Moogle that appears during the Mog Bonanza Festival next to the Bonanza Moogle, and during the Repeat Login Campaigns.

Trading a Kupon A-DBcd or Kupon A-DXar allows you to exchange the kupon for a piece of relic equipment normally obtainable from the respective Dynamis area. If you trade the kupon and then say you need more time to think, you receive a key item version of the kupon titled KeyItemMog Kupon A-DXar or KeyItemMog Kupon A-DBcd so that the kupon will not take inventory space while you think. However, if you do not use the key item before the Dealer Moogle despawns, you must wait until the next Mog Bonanza or Repeat Login Campaign.

Trading a Bonanza Kupon O allows you to select either KeyItemSheet of E. Adoulinian tunes or KeyItemSheet of W. Adoulinian tunes for use with an Orchestrion in your Mog House Layout.

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