Start NPC Joachim - Port Jeuno (H-8)
Requirements Level 30
Items Needed Key ItemTraverser Stone
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The Truth Beckons First Contact
Branching off:
The Forbidden Frontier
Scars of Abyssea (Quest)
Heroes of Abyssea (Quest)


  • Flagging this quest will allow you to flag the following quests in the following areas, depending on which Abyssea expansions you own.

Vision of Abyssea

Scars of Abyssea

Heroes of Abyssea


  • Go back to Port Jeuno and talk to Joachim for a cutscene. From now on, every 20 hours that pass since you got your first Traverser Stone, Joachim will stock another for you, which he will give to you for free.
  • Complete any three of the above quests to complete Dawn of Death and move on to First Contact.


  • Regardless of whether or not you can get a new stone, you can now go back to any Abyssea area and talk to the Conflux Surveyor and get Visitant status again. You will have the full duration minus the amount of time it took you to leave during your first visit, which would be 29 minutes if you left immediately after receiving Visitant status.
  • If you do not have a Traverser Stone in your temporary key items, the cutscenes will not be triggered.
  • Warning: If you are ejected for not receiving Visitant status, you cannot enter the maw until at least 60 minutes from your last exit.

Game Description

Joachim (Port Jeuno)
Abyssea, a parallel world, eerily similar yet deathly different from Vana'diel...

What terrible cataclysm could have befallen the realm? Overhead, the sanguine sky is an ever present portent of looming destruction...