Mission Name Daughter of a Knight
Number 10
Start NPC Elegant Footprint in Jugner Forest (S)
Level 75
Items Needed Cernunnos Bulb
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Dancers in Distress A Spoonful of Sugar


  • Talk to Amaura at (G-6) in present day Southern San d'Oria.
  • Trade a Cernunnos Bulb to Amaura.
    • Recommended: Kill Wandering Saplings in the area following the trail spanning from (E-11) to (F-8) for a Cernunnos Bulb. This area is accessible from the Elegant Footprints location from the earlier Mission by heading south to the Campaign site then west following the trail.
  • After the cutscene, go to the Maiden's Spring at (E-6) in Jugner Forest (S), and trade the Cernunnos Bulb to the "Humus-rich Earth." The message "You plant a Cernunnos Bulb." will display in the chat log.
    • Shortest way is teleport via Campaign Arbiter to Jugner Forest (S). Despite how it looks on the default map, you can't take the short path from the East Ronfaure (S) entrance.
  • Go to present day Jugner Forest at the same spot and examine the "Humus-rich Earth" for a cutscene.
  • Examine it again to fight the Cernunnos NM.
  • Once Cernunnos is defeated, check the "Humus-rich Earth" again for a cutscene and KeyItemCernunnos Resin.
  • Go back to Southern San d'Oria talk to Amaura for a cutscene.
  • Wait until the next game day, zone, and talk to her again for a cutscene and the KeyItemBottle of Treant Tonic.
    • If you talk to her too soon, you must zone before trying again. Talking to her at exactly 0:00 will reset the clock.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Could the mysterious object the Cait Siths were discussing be related in any way to the medicine Sir Ragelise used to take? The answer lies with Amaura, a resident of present-day Southern San d'Oria.
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