(Since the June '07 update winning this battle awards 1000 exp points)
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|valign="top" BGCOLOR="#ceffc7"|  '''Reward:'''
|valign="top" BGCOLOR="#ceffc7"|  '''Reward:'''
|valign="top" BGCOLOR="#deffd9"|  1000 Experience Points
|valign="top" BGCOLOR="#deffd9"|  1000 [[Experience Points|EXP]]

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  Mission Name:   Darkness Named
  Start NPC:   N/A
  Requirements:   Chains of Promathia expansion
  Suggested Level:   40 Cap
  Title:   Transient Dreamer
  Repeatable:   No
  Reward:   1000 EXP
  Previous Mission:   Promathia Mission 3-4: Tending Aged Wounds
  Next Mission:   Promathia Mission 4-1: Sheltering Doubt


Getting the Pso'Xja Pass

File:Diabolos falling floor.jpg


  • Gear up for a level 40 BCNM, and enter the tower at (H-8) in Beaucedine Glacier.
  • You will need sneak and invis through some of the areas and not through others.
  • In this Pso'Xja tower, there are shimmering walls of different color. Every time you enter one you zone and all your buffs wear off.
  • The order of walls you want is red, black(purple looking), red, black(purple looking).
  • After the last black zone, sneak up and ride the elevator down. There is a gate to the left, which your pass will open, and you will enter The Shrouded Maw where you will fight Diabolos. Sometimes at the last corner are sight-aggro Bombs.
  • You start on a platform above and once someone jumps, everyone else is dragged down, and the battle begins.
  • The battlefield consists of 25 floor squares which may be removed by Diabolos during the fight. If you fall or are on a square that is removed, you will be eaten alive by about 8 waiting and hungry Diremite Assaulters.
  • You can see which tiles will disappear before you drop into the arena. In the "Battlefield layout" screenshot, the tiles which will disappear have a thicker outline. In the image, they are the ones immediately to his left and right, the second and third tiles in front of him, and the two in the lower left corner of the image.
  • If some of the corners aren't going to drop, the tank should pull Diabolos into one of the corners. With Diabolos in one corner, the three tiles in the opposite corner are outside the AoE of Nightmare, so a mage can stand there and wake people up if necessary.
  • The tiles will light up momentarily before they disappear.
  • The party will land in the center of the arena and Diabolos will be in front of you.

Initial battle positions:

D - Diabolos
P - where party lands
O O O O O 
  • Choose tiles to stand on that won't drop, preferably with the mages outside Nightmare range. If you just want to go with tiles that will never drop in any layout, here's where to stand during battle:
X - Tiles that may drop
O - Tiles that will not drop
O X X O O - Melee on "OO" to the right or on "D" where Diabolos stands
X X O O X - Mages on "OO"
  • Pull Diabolos to the 2nd row down onto the tiles marked as "OO". Mages should be stand on the "OO" tiles on the bottom row. The Fallen Floor image can give good visual.
  • Diabolos' TP attacks:
  • Nightmare: Inflicts anyone on the floor with Sleep and 21HP/tick Bio. Damage will not wake you up from Nightmare, only Cure and Benediction. (Benediction will also remove the Bio effect, which otherwise must be erased.) Nightmare can and should be Stunned or cancelled with stun weaponskills such as Smash Axe. NOTE: Weapon Bash will NOT stun Nightmare! The Bard song Fowl Aubade, combined with Barsleepra, is pretty effective for helping people to wake up fast from Nightmare.
  • Camisado: Single-target physical damage and knockback. Stand with your back to the wall so that this doesn't knock you into a hole.
  • Noctoshield: Gives Diabolos the effect of Phalanx (Dispel or Magic Finale).
  • Ultimate Terror: AOE Absorb-All. Drains multiple attributes. Not too bad on its own, but it interferes with Dispelling Noctoshield and Erasing Nightmare Bio. Absorbed by Utsusemi.
Diabolos also casts various Dark elemental spells: Sleepga, Sleep II, Bio II, Drain, Aspir, Blindga, and Dispelga.

Additional Notes
  • Dealing with Nightmare is the key to this mission. If you are using weapon skills to stun Nightmare, the stunners should bring Icarus Wings so that they don't have to build TP first. If you're using a DRK for stun, that is their primary role, damage dealing is a secondary concern. Having a back-up stunner is not necessary, but it can be very useful, as Diabolos can use Nightmare twice or more in a short time.
  • Poison Potions won't wake you up from Nightmare, but they will wake you up from Sleepga, so at least the stunners should drink them.

Game Description

Mission Orders
Prishe has been taken to Doctor Monberaux's clinic! What ails her fragile body and what, if anything, can save her!?
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