Mission Name Darkness Beckons
Number 3-1-1
Reward Access to Reisenjima
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Uncertain Futures The Brewing Storm


  • Examine the Dimensional Portal at the Crag of Holla, Dem, or Mea to travel to Reisenjima and receive a brief cutscene.
  • Follow the path to the Etched Rock at (K-9) for a cutscene.
    • It is best to have invisible and sneak available. It takes about 6 minutes to run the entire path.
    • It is recommended that you collect all six Ethereal Ingress locations on the way.
    • It's Also Noted that there are True Sight / Sound Mobs along the path use caution and be prepared to Warp out as they are IT++ at iLvl 115.
      • True Sight hippogryphs are located at H/I-5.

Game Description

Mission Orders
The ambassador's plan is more sinister than imagined. He infused your soul with darkness in an attempt to hinder you. Yet you have been left with a tiny song of hope--what could it mean?