Darkness is a Level 3 Skillchain (or Renkei), composed of Darkness, Earth, Ice, and Water Elements.


Weapon Skills, Blood Pacts, or Blue Magic w/ Chain Affinity with the proper attributes must be used in sequence to create Darkness:

If the Darkness skillchain was not closed by a weaponskill with pure Darkness property, then a weaponskill that does have pure Darkness property can extend the chain by another Darkness Skillchain.


  • If Blade: Hi (Gravitation/Darkness) opens the skillchain, then Chant du Cygne (Distortion/Light) closes it, this creates a Darkness property and a Darkness (Skillchain), then Blade: Hi (Darkness) can be used again to extend the skillchain (Darkness > Darkness) to form another Darkness skillchain..

Magic Burst

The following spells will Magic Burst with Darkness:

* Requires Burst Affinity to be in effect.