This is the first Dark Knight Artifact Armor quest - otherwise known as AF1.
Start NPC Raibaht - Metalworks (G-8)
Requirements Dark Knight 40+
Items Needed KeyItemLetter from the Darksteel Forge
Yagudo Cherry x1 or 2 (A second cherry is only needed if you wish to receive optional dialogue from Quu Bokye)
KeyItem"Darksteel Formula"
Repeatable Yes, after AF is complete
Reward Raven Scythe
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Blade of Darkness Dark Puppet


Giddeus NM


After this point, the rest of the quest can be completed on any job.

  • Do not drop down off the cliff after you exit the cave.

Kyokusa's Video Guide

A visual guide that will help you prepare for what is in store for you.

DRK AF1 NM Fight DEC 18 08

DRK AF1 NM Fight DEC 18 08

Game Description

Raibaht (Cid's Lab, Metalworks)
You have been asked to find and bring back a book pertaining to the Galka's darksteel formula.
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