(Dark Knight Equipment Chart)
(Dark Knight Equipment Chart)
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|<!--Add Head Here--> ''[[Bale Burgeonet +2]]''
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  • Format borrowed from Beastmaster Equipment Guide.

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Dark Knight Equipment Chart

Main Sub-Weapon Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged/Ammo
Lv 1 Bronze Zaghnal +1, Rusty Greatsword Bronze Cap Bronze Harness Bronze Subligar Bronze Mittens Bronze Leggings Cassie Earring San d'Orian Ring Happy Egg
Lv 2
Lv 3
Lv 4 Rabbit Mantle
Lv 5 Deathbringer Tenax Strap
Lv 6
Lv 7 Leather Bandana Justice Badge Leather Vest Leather Trousers Leather Gloves Bounding Boots, Leather Highboots Leather Belt
Lv 8
Lv 9 Compound Eye Circlet Armiger's Lace
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged/Ammo
Lv 10 Brass Zaghnal, Legionnaire's Scythe Faceguard, Royal Footman's Bandana, Sol Cap Scale Mail Scale Cuisses Legionnaire's Mittens Scale Greaves Energy Earring, Optical Earring Safeguard Ring
Lv 11
Lv 12 Serpette +1 Traveler's Mantle Crossbow +1
Lv 13 Flame Claymore Guerilla Gloves
Lv 14 Balance Ring, Courage Ring, Mighty Ring
Lv 15 Bastokan Scythe, Republic Scythe, Estramacon Disciple Grip Enyo's Mask Federation Slops, Phlegethon's Trousers Bastokan Mittens Kingdom Boots Warrior's Belt +1 Fasting Ring
Lv 16 Bone Mask Bone Harness +1 Bone Subligar
Lv 17 Lizard Helm Fine Jerkin Fine Trousers Fine Gloves Fine Ledelsens, Mettle Leggings +1
Lv 18 Scythe +1, Braveheart Garrison Tunica Brave Belt, Samsonian Belt, Runner's Belt
Lv 19
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged/Ammo
Lv 20 Cruel Scythe, Platoon Zaghnal, Zaghnal, Mercenary's Greatsword, Neckchopper Trump Crown
Lv 21 Beetle Mask Spike Necklace Beetle Harness +1 Garrison Hose Night Cape Beetle Earring +1
Lv 22
Lv 23
Lv 24 Barbarian's Sword Webcutter Iron Mask, Empress Hairpin Chainmail Nomad's Mantle +1
Lv 25 Precision Bandana Shade Harness +1 Bastokan Subligar, Republic Subligar
Lv 26 Exactitude Mantle, Exactitude Mantle +1
Lv 27 Frostreaper, Inferno Sword RSE Glove Brass Greaves +1
Lv 28 Wolf Mantle
Lv 29 RSE T, RSE M
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged/Ammo
Lv 30 Mercenary Captain's Scythe Brass Grip +1 Centurion's Visor Centurion's Scale Mail Royal Squire's Mufflers, Centurion's Finger Gauntlets Royal Squire's Sollerets, Centurion's Greaves Mercenary Captain's Belt Rajas Ring, Archer's Ring Olibanum Sachet, Attar Sachet, Millefleurs Sachet, Balm Sachet
Lv 31 Demonic Sword
Lv 32
Lv 33 Falx Peacock Amulet
Lv 34 Windurstian Scythe, Federation Scythe San d'Orian Helm San d'Orian Mufflers Bastokan Greaves Venerer Ring
Lv 35 Jaeger Ring
Lv 36 Mythril Claymore
Lv 37 Harvester Horror Voulge
Lv 38
Lv 39 Ice Brand
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged/Ammo
Lv 40 Mutilator, Beluga Iron Musketeer's Armet Royal Squire's Chainmail Royal Squire's Breeches Ogygos's Bracelets Tilt Belt Woodsman Ring, Sniper's Ring
Lv 41 Greatsword Voyager Sallet
Lv 42
Lv 43 Raven Scythe Walkure Mask, Valkyrie's Mask Royal Squire's Chainmail +1 Gothic Gauntlets Gothic Sabatons
Lv 44 Headlong Belt
Lv 45 Luisant Salade Brigandine, Luisant Haubert Luisant Brayettes, Iron Ram Breeches Luisant Moufles, Iron Ram Mufflers Iron Ram Sollerets
Lv 46
Lv 47 Faussar, Falcastra Jaguar Mantle
Lv 48 Life Belt
Lv 49 Barbarian's Scythe Ecphoria Ring
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged/Ammo
Lv 50 Cobra Claymore Parade Gorget Enkelados's Bracelets, Royal Knight's Mufflers Royal Knight's Sollerets Swift Belt Ulthalam's Ring
Lv 51
Lv 52
Lv 53 Bone Scythe
Lv 54 Smart Grenade
Lv 55 Mythril Grip +1 Jaridah Peti, Royal Knight's Chainmail Royal Knight's Breeches Fourth Gauntlets Fourth Sabatons Spike Earring Kusha's Ring, Lava's Ring
Lv 56
Lv 57 Ivory Sickle Scorpion Harness
Lv 58 Vassago's Scythe Chaos Cuirass Assault Earring
Lv 59 Sipahi Turban, Zeal Cap, Zeal Cap +1 Haubergeon Sipahi Dastana
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged/Ammo
Lv 60 Zweihander Pole Grip Chaos Burgeonet, Patroclus's Helm Chivalrous Chain Pallas's Bracelets Potent Belt
Lv 61 Amemet Mantle +1
Lv 62
Lv 63 Merman's Earring Bomb Core
Lv 64
Lv 65 Darksteel Scythe Diabolos's Earring
Lv 66
Lv 67
Lv 68 Celata Thick Mufflers Thick Sollerets
Lv 69 Vendetta Hauberk Thick Breeches
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged/Ammo
Lv 70 Moliones's Sickle, Havoc Scythe Balmung Optical Hat Vampire Cloak Exorcist Hose Alkyoneus's Bracelets Abyss Cape Fowling Earring Moliones's Ring Fire Bomblet
Lv 71 Zareehkl Scythe, Senior Gold Musketeer's Scythe Black Sallet Plastron Black Cuisses Black Gadlings Black Sollerets, Abyss Sollerets Forager's Mantle Warwolf Belt
Lv 72 Martial Scythe Snow Gorget, Aqua Gorget, Flame Gorget (WS Only) Abyss Gauntlets, Dusk Gloves Aurum Sabatons, Dusk Ledelsens Abyssal Earring, Ethereal Earring Ruby Ring
Lv 73 Death Scythe +1, Orichalcum Scythe, Gravedigger, Triton's Scythe,Perdu Sickle Hecatomb Cap Justice Torque, Prudence Torque Hecatomb Harness, Adaman Hauberk Adaman Breeches, Abyss Flanchard, Crimson Cuisses Hecatomb Mittens, Adaman Mufflers, Crimson Finger Gauntlets Hecatomb Leggings, Adaman Sollerets
Lv 74 Enforcer, Tredecim Scythe, White Joker, Suzaku's Scythe, Naglering Chaos Burgeonet +1, Ace's Helm Abyss Cuirass Chaos Gauntlets +1 Chaos Sollerets +1 Flame Ring
Lv 75 Apocalypse, Bec de Faucon, Liberator, Bahamut's Zaghnal, Algol, Ragnarok Ares's Mask, Abyss Burgeonet, Walahra Turban, Homam Zucchetto, Askar Zucchetto Ares's Cuirass, Homam Corazza, Askar Korazin Ares's Flanchard, Homam Cosciales, Askar Dirs Ares's Gauntlets, Homam Manopolas, Askar Manopolas Ares's Sollerets, Homam Gambieras, Askar Gambieras Aesir Mantle, Cerberus Mantle +1 Brutal Earring, Aesir Ear Pendant
Lv 76 Plaga Scythe Susurrus Sabatons Sentry Belt
Lv 77 Goading Belt
Lv 78 Perle Salade, Rekka Hachimaki, Perle Hauberk Perle Brayettes Perle Moufles Perle Solerets Anguinus Belt
Lv 79 Tumbler Trunks
Main Sub Head Neck Body Legs Hands Feet Back Waist Earrings Rings Ranged/Ammo
Lv 80 Grim Cuirass, Grim Cuirass +1 Cavaros Mantle Bale Belt Vulcan's Ring, Excelsis Ring
Lv 81 Bale Sollerets +2
Lv 82
Lv 83 Bale Flanchard +2
Lv 84
Lv 85 Bale Burgeonet +2
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