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This guide contains gear choices for the aspiring Dancer. I am aware that there are

many other choices suitable for the job at given levels. What i have picked out are the ones

that are most noteworthy only. That is, they will allow the player to be as efficient as i believe possible.

Also, most DNC gear below 30 is pretty basic and there's not much special about it. So those

will have to be chosen at the player's discretion. Exceptions will be noted.


Equip main

Until you get Dual Wield at 20, H2h is the way to go since Combo will outdamage anything you can throw at a mob with a dagger.

Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
1 Cesti Cesti Plus 1 Leathercraft (3/14), Woodworking (1/12)
Yield: Cesti
HQ 1: Cesti +1
Earth Crystal
14 Strike Baghnakhs ==Notorious Monster==

If you can get your hands on a pair of these, it'll be the best find you can get on weapons until at least 20

20 Mercenary's Knife ==Windurst Conquest Points Items
  • Cost: 2,000 CP
21 Poison Knife Poison Knife Plus 1 Alchemy (23/34)
Yield: Poison Knife
HQ 1: Poison Knife +1
Water Crystal

Pair one of these up with a Mercenary's Knife and you've got yourself a good duo to last you till 30.

30 Mercenary Captain's Kukri ==Windurst Conquest Points Items
  • Cost: 4,000 CP
31 Acid Knife Corrosive Knife Alchemy (47/58)
Yield: Acid Knife
HQ 1: Corrosive Knife
Water Crystal

The MCK paired with this will be your next dynamic duo.

34 Windurstian Kukri Federation Kukri Smithing (38/49)
Yield: Windurstian Kukri
HQ 1: Federation Kukri
Fire Crystal
46 Bone Knife Plus 1 Bonecraft (41/52)
Yield: Bone Knife
HQ 1: Bone Knife +1
Wind Crystal

Get the +1s, you will want your daggers to last as long as you can at this level. You're going to be living off of Drain Samba, so you want the best dmg vs. delay you can find.

56 Beetle Knife Plus 1 Bonecraft (59/70)
Yield: Beetle Knife
HQ 1: Beetle Knife +1
Wind Crystal
62 Sleight kukri ==Notorious Monster==

This is a great off hand dagger. The NM is part of weapons trial kills, so there will most likely be alot of people camping it out. If you're lucky, they'll let you in and take the dagger.

69 Stun Kukri Stun Kukri Plus 1 Alchemy (86/97)
Yield: Stun Kukri
HQ 1: Stun Kukri +1
Water Crystal
69 Valiant Knife ==Notorious Monster==

Has a great hidden effect for solo play.

70 Behemoth Knife Plus 1 Bonecraft (84/95)
Yield: Behemoth Knife
HQ 1: Behemoth Knife +1
Wind Crystal
71 Cobra Unit Knife ==Cobra Unit (Windurst)

Great offhand dagger

74 Azothdescription ==Notorious Monster==

Best main hand dagger until you get into Mythic or trial daggers. Price has been driven down dramatically due to this.

75 Terpsichoreid ==Mythic Weapons==

Only great for its added step effects. Be prepared for a ton of hard work and gil.

75+ Trial of the Magians Due to the overwhelming variety of weapons, refer to the Dagger Trials page for options.
80 Auric daggern ==Abyssea - Uleguerand==


85 Trial1887 ==Trial of the Magians==
85 Twashtar (85) ==Trial of the Magians==


89 Phurba ==Abyssea - Uleguerand==

This NM, well, he's a !@*$%. Pray you can proc blue !! to get this piece of gold before you're eating dirt. WALTZ

90 Angr Harpe ==Abyssea - Uleguerand==

This is the highest base damage dagger next to the lv 90 Twashtar and much easier to obtain i might add. MAIN HAND

90 Twilight Knife ==Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox==


90 Trial2286 ==Trial of the Magians==

Personally, I offhand this with the Phurba for the potency since i do alot of solo work. The extra TP gain with this weapon is astounding, but it comes at the loss of a little less DoT.

90 Twashtar90 ==Trial of the Magians==

This weapon does not shine near as bright in the hands of a DNC as it does a THF. Nevertheless, it has the highest base dmg and will still deal punishing Eviscerations and the empyrean WS combined with the proper Job Abilities.


Equip ammo
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
30 AttarSachet OlibanumSachet ==RSE==

Elvaan only

40 War Hoop ==Artifact Armor==

A handy tool for pulling as well as CHR+3 to boost your Waltz Potency

58 Tiphia Sting ==Notorious Monster==

Not used very often, but when you're not pulling and don't need cures so much, every little bit can help.

60 Sonia's plectrum ==Fourth Division (Bastok)==
70 Black Tathlum ==Notorious Monster==

Accessed via Doomvoid from the notorious Sandworm

78 File:Thewbomblet.jpg ==Abyssea - Tahrongi

Spawned by trading an Alkaline Humus obtained from the nearby Pachypodium

83 Jinx Discus ==Abyssea - Attohwa==


84 Charis feather ==Abyssea - Vunkerl==


Equip head
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
16 Bone Mask +1 Bonecraft (18/29)
Yield: Bone Mask
HQ 1: Bone Mask +1
Earth Crystal
21 Beetle Mask +1 Bonecraft (28/39)
Yield: Beetle Mask
HQ 1: Beetle Mask +1
Earth Crystal
24 Emperor Hairpin Empress Hairpin ==Notorious Monster/BCNM==
54 Dancer Tiara ==Artifact Armor==

Quest started by talking to the NPC Matthias Items Needed:

  • Square of Imperial Silk Cloth
  • Square of Wolf Felt
  • Square of Silver Brocade

Sambas / Weaponskill

59 Zeal Cap Zeal Cap Plus 1 Bonecraft (~78)Exclamation
Yield: Zeal Cap
HQ 1: Zeal Cap +1
Earth Crystal
68 Cobra Cap ==Fourth Division (Bastok)==
70 OpticalHat ==Notorious Monster==

A good piece for to slot in when you're a little down on accuracy

71 Ebon Headgear ==Synergy==
72 EtoileTiara ==Dynamis==

Waltz / Pyrrhic Kleos

74 Dancers Tiara 1 ==Artifact Armor +1==

Items Needed:

75 WalahraTurban ==Mini-Quest==


75 Anwig salade ==A Moogle Kupo d'Etat==

One of the 3 final augmentable rewards

77 Maestria mask ==Abyssea - Tahrongi==

If you're still missing that accuracy, this is a great replacement for O hat with DEX mods for DE and Evisceration

78 Issen Hachimaki ==Abyssea - Tahrongi==
79 Brisk mask ==Abyssea - Tahrongi==
84 Aias ==Abyssea - Attohwa==


85 Charis Tiara +1


==Trial of the Magians: Armor==


Equip neck
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
18 FocusCollar Focus Collar +1 Goldsmithing (39-40)Exclamation
Yield: Focus Collar
HQ 1: Focus Collar +1
Earth Crystal
21 Spike necklace Bonecraft (15/26)
Yield: Fang Necklace
HQ 1: Spike Necklace
Earth Crystal
33 PeacockAmulet PeacockCharm ==Notorious Monster/BCNM==
60 Chivalrous Chain ==Assault==

8,000 Lebros Cavern Assault Points

67 Knack pendant ==Notorious Monster==
70 Kubira Bead Necklace ==Einherjar
73 Love Torque ==Notorious Monster==
74 Ancient Torque ==Notorious Monster==
80 Charis necklace ==Abyssea - Konschtat

Dual Wield effect is 3%.

84 Agasaya's collar ==Abyssea - Attohwa==

It's not a Love Torque but you can use it for TP and WS if you are without it or the Charis Necklace.


Equip ear

Until 30-40 there's a variety of Evasion/Attack earrings that will work well. Just choose whichever fits your situation.

Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
29 DodgeEarring ==Monster==

Very low drop rate from the Ooze in Beadeaux

40 IntruderEarring ==Notorious Monster==
49 Harvest Earring ==Notorious Monster==
52 Accurate earring ==Garrison==
55 SpikeEarring Bonecraft (61/72)
Yield: Fang Earring
HQ 1: Spike Earring
Wind Crystal
65 DiabolossEarring ==Quest==
67 Adroit-Earring Goldsmithing (85/96)
Yield: Spinel Earring
HQ 1: Adroit Earring
HQ 2: Adroit Earring +1
Earth Crystal
70 PixieEarring ==Notorious Monster==
72 Suppanomimi ==Quest==


72 EtherealEarring Hollow Earring ==Quest==

Take your pick, cuz you only get one

75 BrutalEarring ==Limbus/NPC==

Cost: 75 Ancient Beastcoins

75 Delta Earring ==Einherjar/NPC==

Cost: 15,000 Ampoules of Therion Ichor Waltz/WS

76 Jupiter's Earring

DEX+3 Resist Vs. Lightning+16 Resist Vs. Water+16 All Jobs

84 Kemas earring ==Abyssea - Misareaux==



Equip body
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
16 Bone Harness +1 Bonecraft (26/37), Leathercraft (7/18)
Yield: Bone Harness
HQ 1: Bone Harness +1
Earth Crystal
21 Beetle Harness +1 Bonecraft (36/47), Leathercraft (9/20)
Yield: Beetle Harness
HQ 1: Beetle Harness +1
Earth Crystal
30 File:Mercenary Captain's Doublet.JPG ==Windurst Conquest Points Items==
  • Cost: 4,000 CP
45 Brigandine +1 Leathercraft (57/68), Goldsmithing (50/61) Clothcraft (48/59)
Yield: Brigandine
HQ 1: Brigandine +1
Earth Crystal
50 Rapparee Harness ==Quest==


55 Jaridah Peti Leathercraft (66/77), Smithing (Information) Clothcraft (Information)
Yield: Jaridah Peti
HQ 1: Akinji Peti
Earth Crystal
57 Scorpion Harness Scorpian harness plus1 Bonecraft (69/80), Leathercraft (33/44)
Yield: Scorpion Harness
HQ 1: Scorpion Harness +1
Earth Crystal

Weaponskill/TP (until 70s)

60 Dancers Casaque ==Artifact Armor==


68 CobraUnitHarness ==Cobra Unit (Windurst)==
71 Antares Harness ==Notorious Monster==


74 Dancers Casaque 1 ==Artifact Armor +1==

Obtained by trading the following items to Sagheera in Port Jeuno:


75 Etoilecasaque ==Dynamis==

Weaponskill/Violent Flourish

75 MirkeWardecors ==A Crystalline Prophecy==

As a finishing reward, you may add two augments, the most common of which for DNC are "Dual Wield +3%" and "Accuracy +10" making this a fantastic TP piece as well as for Weaponskills.

78 Aurore Doublet ==Abyssea==
79 Loki's Kaftan ==Abyssea - Konschtat==
85 Velox harness ==Abyssea - Attohwa==
87 Alcide's Harness

Alcides Harness 1

89 Charis casaque +1

Charis casaque +2

==Trial of the Magians: Armor==


Equip hands
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
14 Battle Gloves ==Treasure Chest==
27 (RSE) Custom F gloves Custom M glove

MagnaGauntlets File:Magna gloves.jpg Wonder Mitts



52 Dancers Bangles ==Artifact Armor==

Matthias will require the following items to make your order:

  • Square of Karakul Cloth
  • Square of Rainbow Cloth
  • Square of Rainbow Velvet
68 Cobra Mittens ==Cobra Unit (Windurst)==
72 DuskGloves Leathercraft (99/110)
Yield: Dusk Gloves
HQ 1: Dusk Gloves +1
Earth Crystal


72 Enkidu's mittens ==ZNM==


80 Ocelot Gloves ==Abyssea - Konschtat==


81 Ample Gloves ==Abyssea - Vunkerl==

A great versatile piece for WS and Waltzes.

87 Charis bangles +1

Charis bangles +2

==Trial of the Magians: Armor


Equip ring
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
14 Balancering Goldsmithing (35/46)
Yield: Amethyst Ring
HQ 1: Balance Ring
HQ 2: Balance Ring +1
Earth Crystal
14 Courage-Ring Goldsmithing (35/46)
Yield: Sardonyx Ring
HQ 1: Courage Ring
HQ 2: Courage Ring +1
Earth Crystal
30 Archer's Ring ==BCNM==
30 Shikaree Ring ==Monster==
30 RajasRing ==Chains of Promathia==
  • One of the three rewards for completion of the Chains of Promathia
    • Notes: You can use this all the way past 75
34 Venerer Ring ==Quest==
35 Jaeger Ring ==Notorious Monster==
36 Puissance Ring Goldsmithing (55/66)
Yield: Garnet Ring
HQ 1: Puissance Ring
HQ 2: Puissance Ring +1
Earth Crystal


40 Sniper's Ring Leathercraft (90/101)
Yield: Sniper's Ring
HQ 1: Sniper's Ring +1
Earth Crystal
49 Ecphoria ==Notorious Monster==
49 Kshama8 ==ENM==


50 Garrulous Ring ==Assault==


50 Ulthalam's Ring ==Treasures of Aht Urhgan==

One of the 3 rewards of completion

54 Victory Ring Goldsmithing (75/86)
Yield: Sun Ring
HQ 1: Victory Ring
HQ 2: Victory Ring +1
Earth Crystal


70 Blood ring ==ZNM==
72 Adroit Ring Goldsmithing (95/106)
Yield: Spinel Ring
HQ 1: Adroit Ring
HQ 2: Adroit Ring +1
Earth Crystal


74 Thunder Ring Goldsmithing (102)
Yield: Thunder Ring
Earth Crystal


75 Zilant ring ==VNM==


75 Strigoiring ==VNM==


80 Jupiter's Ring ==Synergy==

Synergy (Craftsman)Exclamation

Yield: Jupiter's Ring
Skills: Goldsmithing Veteran (91+) Exclamation
Elemental Balance: Trans Wind 15 Trans Earth 40 Trans Lightning 60 Trans Water 15
1 x Shining Ring
1 x Fulmenite
80 Vulcan's Ring ==Synergy==

Synergy (Craftsman)Exclamation

Yield: Vulcan's Ring
Skills: Goldsmithing Veteran (91+) Exclamation
Elemental Balance: Trans Fire 60 Trans Ice 15 Trans Wind 15 Trans Earth 30 Trans Water 15
1 x Shining Ring
1 x Carnelian
82 Heedring ==Abyssea - Attohwa==
83 Airy ring ==Abyssea - Attohwa==
89 Epona's Ring ==Abyssea - Altepa==
90 Pyrosoul ==Synergy==
90 Thundersoul ring

[Ring] All Races DEX+7 VIT-3 Enhances "Resist Poison" effect Lv. 90 All Jobs



Equip back
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
24 Nomad's Mantle Leathercraft (82/93)
Yield: Nomad's Mantle
HQ 1: Nomad's Mantle +1
Earth Crystal
47 Jaguar Mantle ==Quest==
61 Amemet Mantle +1 Leathercraft (60/71)
Yield: Amemet Mantle
HQ 1: Amemet Mantle +1
Earth Crystal
70 Etoile cape ==Dynamis==
71 ForagersMantle ==ENM==
74 CuchulainsMantle ==Campaign ops==
77 Nifty mantle ==Abyssea - La Theine==
89 File:Atheling mantle.jpg ==Abyssea - Altepa==


Equip waist
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
15 WarriorsBeltPlus1 Leathercraft (25/36)
Yield: Warrior's Belt
HQ 1: Warrior's Belt +1
Wind Crystal
44 Headlong Belt ==Notorious Monster==
50 SwiftBelt ==Notorious Monster==


50 (RSE) DesertBelt

ForestBelt JungleBelt OceanBelt Steppe Belt



50 RoyalKnightsBelt ==San d'Oria Conquest Points Items==
  • Cost: 16,000


60 Potent Belt ==Leujaoam Sanctum Assault Points==
  • Cost: 10,000


72 Cuchulains belt ==Campaign Ops==


75 Ninurta's Sash ==Notorious Monster==

With only a few of these in existence, i wish you luck on the infamous AV.

80 Goading Belt ==Abyssea - Tahrongi==


90 Twilight Belt ==Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox==


Equip legs
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain

Bone Subligar +1

Bonecraft (24/35) Leathercraft (6/17)
Yield: Bone Subligar
HQ 1: Bone Subligar +1
Earth Crystal

Bone +1 gear is incredibly cheap now and will serve you well until Beetle +1

21 Beetle Subligar +1 Bonecraft (34/45), Leathercraft (9/20)
Yield: Beetle Subligar
HQ 1: Beetle Subligar +1
Earth Crystal

Beetle +1 gear prices have dropped significantly also, making this a perfect set to use until you gradually replace each one.

25 Republic Subligar Goldsmithing (21/32)
Yield: Bastokan Subligar
HQ 1: Republic Subligar
Earth Crystal
58 Dancerstights ==Artifact Armor==

Yes, i really did jump from 25 to 58. Not much special in the way of legwear. TP/Waltz/Dancing Edge

68 Cobra subligar ==Cobra Unit (Windurst)==


71 Furia tights ==Synergy==

Weaponskill / TP (Until AF2)

72 Enkidu's Subligar ==ZNM (Tier III)==

Weaponskill / TP (Until AF2)

73 Surge Subligar ==Notorious Monster==

Weaponskill (ALT)

74 File:Etoiletights.jpg ==Dynamis==

TP / Weaponskill

74 Oily Trousers ==Notorious Monster==

Weaponskill (ALT)

78 Aurore Brais ==Abyssea==


79 Ocelottrousers ==Abyssea - Tahrongi==

This piece has so many functions, it's amazing. TP / Evasion / Tank

79 Tumbler Trunks ==Abyssea - La Theine==

Dancing Edge / Evisceration

83 Charis Tights

Charis tights +2

==Trial of the Magians: Armor==


Equip feet
Lvl Armor Notes/How To Obtain
7 BoundingBoots LeapingBoots ==Notorious Monster/BCNM==
62 File:Marinefboots.JPG File:Marinemboots.JPG ==BCNM==
71 Ebur Gaiters/Furia Gaiters

[Feet] All Races DEF: 17 DEX +3 Accuracy +4 Evasion +4 "Subtle Blow" +4 Lv. 71 THF / NIN / DNC

72 Enkidu's Leggings ==ZNM==
72 Dusk Ledelsens Leathercraft (94/105)
Yield: Dusk Ledelsens
HQ 1: Dusk Ledelsens +1
Earth Crystal


73 Etoile toe shoes ==Dynamis==


74 SetantasLedelsens ==Notorious Monster==

The best full time foot piece for DNC, hands down.

78 Aurore Gaiters ==Abyssea==
81 Charis Toeshoes +1

Charis toeshoes +2

==Trial of the Magians: Armor==
83 TandavaCrackows ==Abyssea - Attohwa==


Eclipstic's Personal Sets (90+)


Haste Count Armor Other Beneficial TP Stats
6% Charistiara2 Accuracy / Store TP
Charis necklace Dual Wield (3%) / Subtle Blow
BrutalEarring Double Attack
Suppanomimi Dual Wield (5%)
Charis casaque +2 Dual Wield (10%) / Subtle Blow
9% Ocelot Gloves
File:Epona's Ring.jpg Double Attack / Triple Attack
RajasRing Store TP / Subtle Blow
File:Atheling mantle.jpg Double Attack
16% Twilight Belt Double Attack
21% Charis tights +2 Dagger Skill (Accuracy) / Tactical Parry Enhancment
25% Charis toeshoes +2 Store TP
Total Reduction: 43% 13% Double Attack

3% Triple Attack

Store TP +21

Subtle Blow +20

Evasion (Solo/Tank Situations)

Skill Count Armor Notes/How To Obtain
(+10) OpticalHat ==Notorious Monster==
(+19) Torero torque ==Abyssea - Uleguerand==
(+29) Scorpion Harness Bonecraft (69/80), Leathercraft (33/44)
Yield: Scorpion Harness
HQ 1: Scorpion Harness +1
Earth Crystal
(+39) BoxersMantle ==Mini-Quest==
(+42) Ballerines ==Abyssea - Vunkerl
Slither gloves
[Hands] All Races
Lv. 76 MNK / THF / RNG / SAM / NIN / COR / PUP / DNC
==Walk of Echoes==


Armor Waltz Modifier
EtoileTiara CHR
Phurba Waltz Potency
Delta Earring CHR
Dancers Casaque 1 Waltz Potency
Omega Ring CHR
Airy ring CHR
Dancer's Tights +1 VIT CHR
Roundel Earring Waltz Potency
Ample Gloves VIT CHR
Aristo belt CHR
Etoile cape CHR


Armor Point of Interest
Twashtar (85) Rudra's Storm
Fusetto T2305 TP Bonus

This will help tremendously since DNC can force a critical hit every time with Climactic Flourish. Any version of this weapon after lv. 90 adds base damage.

Charis feather 5% Critical Hit Damage / DEX
Charistiara2 Accuracy and Attack are nice but the gem of this piece is the chance of +10% Damage to the critical hit forced by Climactic Flourish.
Love Torque DEX / Dagger Skill
BrutalEarring Double Attack / Store TP
Loki's Kaftan Critical Hit Damage / DEX / Store TP
CharisBanglesPlusTwo DEX / Accuracy
RajasRing DEX / STR / Store TP
File:Epona's Ring.jpg Double Attack / Triple Attack
Cavaros Mantle I chose this over Atheling Mantle for the 3% Critical Hit Damage since it can be forced with Climactic Flourish.
Snow Belt Increased WS Damage
Tumbler Trunks Attack / DEX
Charis toeshoes +2 DEX / Store TP

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