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| [[Parry]]
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See [[Skill Caps/Dancer|Dancer Skill Caps]] for a by-level breakdown of [[Weapon Skill]] limits.
See [[Skill Caps/Dancer|Dancer Skill Caps]] for a by-level breakdown of [[Weapon Skill]] limits.
= Artifact Equipment =
= Artifact Equipment =

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Job Overview


Dancers (DNC) are front-line healers that can both benefit the party and enfeeble monsters. Not only are they competent fighters, but the TP they accumulate is used to fuel their various abilities. They execute Waltzes and Sambas to heal and create beneficial effects, and perform Steps to inflict negative effects upon the enemy. A touch of customization is added with Flourish, which allows a step to be completed with a variety of bonuses to aid the Dancer's party. Obtained by completing the Lakeside Minuet quest.

Job Abilities

Level  Name
01  Trance
05  Sambas
15  Waltzes
20  Steps
20  Flourishes
25  Jigs
40  Flourishes II
80  Flourishes III
75 (Merit)  Saber Dance
75 (Merit)  Fan Dance
75 (Merit)  No Foot Rise
77  Presto
See Dancer Abilities for an expanded list of all Dancer job abilities.
See below for details on Sambas, Waltzes, Steps, Jigs, and Flourishes.

Job Traits

Level  Name
15  Evasion Bonus
20  Dual Wield
20  Resist Slow
25  Subtle Blow
30  Accuracy Bonus
45  Evasion Bonus II
45  Skillchain Bonus
45  Subtle Blow II
60  Accuracy Bonus II
65  Subtle Blow III
75  Evasion Bonus III
75 (Merit)  Closed Position
77  Conserve TP
77  Tactical Parry
80  Critical Attack Bonus

Group 1 Merits

Level  Name
Merit  Steps Accuracy
Merit  Haste Samba Effect
Merit  Reverse Flourish Effect
Merit  Building Flourish Effect

Art of the Dance

Dancer job abilities are divided into five categories: Sambas, Waltzes, Jigs, Steps, and Flourishes. Each of the dances within these categories is acquired at a different level, and requires a certain amount of TP to use (with the exception Flourishes and Jigs). Each category has its own recast time, and using a dance will prevent the use of other dances within the same category until the recast time has expired. In addition, the effect of a Samba dance will be overwritten by other dances within the Samba category, regardless of the remaining duration.

  • Sambas act as an Additional Effect on melee attacks. The Dancer inflicts the mob with a "Daze" for a short duration with each melee strike; this daze allows other party members striking the mob to drain additional effects from the mob (this effect does not stack with other Additional Effects).
  • Waltzes cure HP or remove ailments from party members. Unlike magic spells, they are not interrupted by movement or mob hits (but can be Stunned).
  • Jigs require no TP to use, and are typically not used for combat-related purposes.
  • Steps are used to enfeeble an enemy, while at the same time generating the Finishing Moves required to perform Flourishes. The enfeebling effects produced by Steps can be stacked up to five times. The more times an effect is stacked, the more powerful it becomes.
  • Flourishes are used to produce various powerful effects by consuming the finishing moves generated by Steps. Each type of Flourish requires a certain number of finishing moves to perform.


 Level  Name
05  Drain Samba
25  Aspir Samba
35  Drain Samba II
45  Haste Samba
60  Aspir Samba II
65  Drain Samba III


 Level  Name
15  Curing Waltz
25  Divine Waltz
30  Curing Waltz II
35  Healing Waltz
50  Curing Waltz III
70  Curing Waltz IV
78  Divine Waltz II


Level  Name
20  Quickstep
30  Box Step
40  Stutter Step



Level  Name
25  Spectral Jig
55  Chocobo Jig


Level  Name
20  Animated Flourish
30  Desperate Flourish
45  Violent Flourish

Flourishes II

Level  Name
40  Reverse Flourish
50  Building Flourish
60  Wild Flourish
80  Climactic Flourish


Flourishes III

Level  Name
80  Climactic Flourish

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Combat Skill Ratings

 Skill Skill Ranking Cap at Level 1 Cap at Level 40 Cap at Level 80
 Dagger B+ 5 118 Qmark
 Hand-to-Hand D 4 109 Qmark
 Sword D 4 109 Qmark
 Throwing C+ 5 114 Qmark
 Evasion B+ 5 118 230
 Parry B 5 118 Qmark

See Dancer Skill Caps for a by-level breakdown of Weapon Skill limits.

Artifact Equipment

To see a side by side comparison of Artifact/Relic sets visit Dancer Artifact/Relic Sets Comparison.
Artifact Set
Level Artifact
40  War Hoop
52  Dancer's Bangles
54  Dancer's Tiara
56  Dancer's Toe Shoes
58  Dancer's Tights
60  Dancer's Casaque
Artifact Set +1
Level Artifact
74   Dancer's Bangles +1
74   Dancer's Tiara +1
74   Dancer's Toe Shoes +1
74   Dancer's Tights +1
74   Dancer's Casaque +1
Relic Set
Level Relic
70   Etoile Cape
71   Etoile Bangles
72   Etoile Tiara
73   Etoile Toe Shoes
74   Etoile Tights
75   Etoile Casaque
Relic Set +1
Level Relic
75   Etoile Bangles +1
75   Etoile Tiara +1
75   Etoile Toe Shoes +1
75   Etoile Tights +1
75   Etoile Casaque +1
Relic/Mythic/Empyrean Weapons
Level Weapon
75  Terpsichore (Mythic)
80  Twashtar (Empyrean)

Dancer Equipment Lists

Weapons: Daggers Swords Hand-to-Hand Throwing
Armor: Head Body Hands Legs Feet

Dancer Guides

See also

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