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Author's Opening

Note: This guide does not reflect the views or owner of the wiki in any way. This is simply an opinion on how to optimize yourself while playing the Dancer job class. All items are my own personal opinion as to what's the best or most feasible choices at these levels. ~Mercurialwings

Though I'm sure many already know of this, you should be carrying at least two sets of gear to capitalize the most out of your job. For Dancers, you should probably have an alternate set of equipment that you switch just prior to a weaponskill to pack the most damage possible in that one attack. These sets should be constructed post 30s-40s.

Guide Key

  • Italicized names are items classifed as Rare and are likely to be expensive.
  • Bold names are items classified as Exclusive or Rare/Exclusive and cannot be bought at an Auction House. These can be skipped over typically.
  • Alt.Opt. subheadings are literally alternate options.
  • HQ refers to a High Quality item. These are generally denoted by the +# and can usually be a synth/crafted item.
  • NQ, conversely, refers a Normal Quality item.



At lower levels, it's probably better to use these over low-level daggers despite the D rating in them. This weapon type will probably last you till level 20 when the difference in skill level will start to show.

Lvl 1: Cesti/+1
Lvl 1: Cat Baghnakhs/+1
Lvl 5: Bronze Knuckles/+1
Lvl 9: Brass Knuckles/+1
Lvl 10: Royal Archer's Cesti or
Lvl 10: Freesword's Baghnakhs
Lvl 10: Legionnaire's Knuckles
Lvl 11: Hydro Baghnakhs/+1 or
Lvl 11: Brass Baghnakhs/+1
Lvl 12: Burning Cesti
Lvl 14: Strike Baghnakhs
Lvl 15: Republic Knuckles or
Lvl 15: Kingdom Cesti
Lvl 20: Metal Knuckles +1
A possible replacement for Republic Knuckles, but I would stay with Republics.
Lvl 32: Impact Knuckles
Lvl 46: Exocets
Lvl 72: Wagh Baghnakhs
Lvl 73: Destroyers

After Lvl 30, /Monk is not that useful anymore, so H2H loses a lot of its effectiveness.


Lvl 1: Bronze Knife +1
Lvl 13: Knife +1
Lvl 20: Mercenary's Knife
Lvl 25: Windurstian Knife / Federation Knife
Lvl 25: Parrying Knife
This off-hand weapon is inexpensive on most servers. Good if your parrying skill is low and could use a boost without sacrificing much damage.
Lvl 30: Mercenary Captain's Kukri
Switch if you're using a Windurstian Knife, otherwise stay with your Federation Knife.
Lvl 34: Windurstian Kukri / Federation Kukri
Lvl 34: Acid Kukri / Corrosive Kukri
Useful for mobs that have defense bonus moves.
Lvl 46: Bone Knife/+1
Lvl 53: Darksteel Knife/+1
Lvl 53: Venom Knife/+1
Use if you don't mind it overriding your Sambas once in a while. (I think Bone Knife +1 is still the better option.)
Lvl 54: Darksteel Jambiya/+1
The HQ is a good upgrade from Bone Knife +1, but may not be available on your server.
Lvl 56: Beetle Knife/+1
Lvl 57: Avis
Avis is a powerful (and iconic, aka Jambiya style) Dagger to mainhand till at least level 70.
Possesses much greater base damage than Bone Knife/+1.
Grants an Accuracy bonus while under the effect of a Samba.
Lvl 59: Darksteel Kukri/+1
Lvl 60: Cermet Knife/+1
Lower base damage than either Darksteel Kukri with only a slightly lower delay. (Best to stick with Kukris, IMO.)
Although, there is something to using HQ Cermets to push your delay down, maximizing TP gain.
Lvl 62: Demon's Knife/+1
Go for the +1 version, better base damage if you have the gil to burn. Optional but a possible upgrade
Lvl 62: Sleight Kukri
Perhaps the perfect complimentary offhand dagger for the Avis.
Very Low delay but moderate base damage, plus Subtle Blows.
Lvl 65: Stun Knife/+1
Would offhand one of these for the added effect -- the HQ is especially worth it. Otherwise, stick with Darksteel Kukri +1 for higher base damage and lower delay.
Lvl 65: Anubis's Knife
Nice, cheap upgrade if you've been using Cermet Knives.
Lvl 68: Kard
Good damage, low delay, and CHR+5 for Waltz.
Drops from Soulstealer Skullnix, located in the Labyrinth of Onzozo, around H-4.
Lvl 69: Stun Kukri/+1
Lvl 70: Behemoth Knife/+1
Lvl 71: Cobra Knife
Nice off-hand dagger.
Lvl 71: Matron's Knife
Another nice off-hand dagger, if you can obtain it. DEX+4 improves accuracy and crits.
Lvl 72: Khimaira Jambiya / Amir Jambiya / Adder Jambiya/+1
Very hard to come by any of these because of the rarity and expense of a Star Sapphire.
The HQ versions are two of the four daggers with the highest DPS‡ and 2nd highest base damage.
Lvl 72: Gully/+1
Lvl 72: Martial Knife
Lvl 72: Ponderous Gully
Lvl 72: Ermine's Tail
One of the four daggers with the highest DPS‡ and 2nd highest base damage.
Not sure how difficult this is to obtain.
Lvl 73: Jambiya/+1
The HQ is one of the four daggers with the highest DPS‡ and 2nd highest base damage.
This is the most economical of the three high-DPS, crafted daggers to attempt to HQ.
Lvl 73: Heart Snatcher (after unlocking the latent)
May be better to stick with a previous dagger.
Lvl 73: Mighty Knife
‡ On Windsdays, the Mighty Knife has the highest DPS and base damage of any dagger available to Dancers.
Lvl 74: Azoth
The highest base damage available‡ and excellent stats for a Dancer. You want this dagger. Drops from Dark Ixion so can be expensive, though price has been dropping lately.
Lvl 75: Athame
A Trial of the Magians Augmented weapon with a potential for DMG18+13, Delay 190+21, and Occ. Atk. Twice.
Lvl 75: Dakini
A Trial of the Magians Augmented weapon with a potential for Dancers to either get some major DEX/ACC+ or STR/ATT+ depending on choice of trials.
Lvl 75: Terpsichore
It doesn't have the highest base damage out there, but it has a lot of very useful enhancements to steps. As a mythic weapon, it'll take a LOT of blood, sweat, and tears to obtain. GL getting this one.


Swords can be used at lower levels, and at high levels in the offhand to increase TP gain if you decide to play /Ninja. It is recommended to have sword merits at high levels if you choose to use them.

Lvl 13: Bilbo/+1
Lvl 19: Small Sword
Lvl 20: Degen/+1
Lvl 23: Tuck/+1
Lvl 65: Company Fleuret
Has a nice hidden effect -- damage increases by 1 for each party member over 2, up to DMG:41 for a party of 6.
Lvl 70: Joyeuse
This is the best sword you can use to keep your TP high. Always use it in your off-hand, though, when /NIN.
Lvl 73: Mensur Epee (Real nice for solo.)
Hidden effect is opposite of Company Fleuret -- DMG:47 when solo, and damage decreases the more people are in the party. Base damage is always DMG:39 on weapon skills.

Between 20 and 70 you are better off using Daggers and abandoning Swords due to the gap in skill and limited choice of weapons in this category.

Ranged Weapon

‡ This ranged equipment is used for boosting stats -- do not pull with it.

Lvl 1: Happy Egg
Lvl 15: Rogetsurin
Lvl 20: Platoon Disc
Lvl 28: Chakram
Lvl 30: RSE Sachet ‡ (Depending on your race's stat boost.)
Lvl 40: War Hoop (Artifact weapon: many Dancers use this until 75!) or
Lvl 40: Junior Musketeer's Chakram
Lvl 43: Junior Musketeer's Chakram +1 / Junior Musketeer's Chakram +2
Lvl 54: Smart Grenade ‡ (Hidden effect: Attack +4)
Lvl 57: Moonring Blade/+1
Lvl 58: Tiphia Sting
Lvl 68: Rising Sun/+1
Lvl 70: Black Tathlum ‡ or
Lvl 70: White Tathlum ‡ or
Lvl 70 Astrolabe


* At level 16-17, either Bone or Lizard set may be used. Lizard is usually cheaper, but Bone +1 offers Evasion bonuses.


Lvl 1: Bronze Cap/+1
Lvl 7: Leather Bandana/+1
Lvl 9: Compound Eye Circlet
Lvl 10: Royal Footman's Bandana
Lvl 11: Entrancing Ribbon
A free CHR+ piece from a relatively easy, uncamped NM, Sharp-Eared Ropipi.
Lvl 14: Noble's Ribbon
The best CHR+ piece for Waltz macro swaps until Dancer's Tiara.
Lvl 14: Cotton Headband / Erudite's Headband (But Compound Eye Circlet seems better than both? and is cheaper!)
Lvl 16: Bone Mask/+1 or
Lvl 17: Lizard Helm/+1
Lvl 20: Trump Crown
This has a nice mix of HP, DEF and CHR, but it's not better than Noble's Ribbon for Waltz macros.
Lvl 21: Beetle Mask/+1
Lvl 24: Emperor Hairpin / Empress Hairpin
DEX+ for added accuracy, plus AGI+ and Evasion +10 for when you pull hate.
Lvl 30: Dandy Spectacles / Fancy Spectacles
Use during the daytime only!
Lvl 30: Mercenary Captain's Headgear
Use this at nighttime if you don't have an Empress/Emperor Hairpin and are using Spectacles.
Lvl 39: Dobson Bandanna
Lvl 41: Voyager Sallet
This can be difficult to obtain, but it's DEX+4 a good upgrade from an Emperor/Empress Hairpin.
The STR+3 might help if you're hitting for 0 in parties, and will also help physical-based Weapon Skills.
Lvl 43: Walkure Mask
Lvl 50: Crow Beret / Raven Beret
For those times you don't want to pull hate.
Lvl 54: Dancer's Tiara Artifact
Lvl 65: Wivre Mask
Lvl 66: Coral Cap / Merman's Cap
Good for Dancing Edge, IF you can find one.
Lvl 68: Cobra Cap
Lvl 70: Optical Hat
Lvl 72: Pahluwan Qalansuwa
Lvl 72: Panther Mask/+1
Lvl 72: Enkidu's Cap
Lvl 72: Etoile Tiara Relic
Lvl 74: Dancer's Tiara +1
Lvl 75: Walahra Turban
Lvl 75: Denali Bonnet
Lvl 75: Etoile Tiara +1


Lvl 1: Bronze Harness/+1
Lvl 1: Fourth Tunica
Lvl 1: Iron Ram Jack Coat
Lvl 1: Pilgrim Tunica (If subbing mage)
Lvl 1: Cobra Tunica (If subbing mage)
Lvl 7: Leather Vest/+1
Lvl 11: Brass Harness/Brass Harness +1
Lvl 16: Bone Harness/+1 or
Lvl 17: Lizard Jerkin / Fine Jerkin
Lvl 18: Garrison Tunica
Lvl 21: Beetle Harness/+1
Lvl 25: Shade Harness/+1
Lvl 30: Mercenary Captain's Doublet
Lvl 33: RSE or Linen Doublet +1
Lvl 42: Wool Doublet +1 or Earth Doublet (Earth Doublet helps with Waltz use upon the DNC)
Lvl 45: Brigandine/+1
Lvl 50: Rapparee Harness
Lvl 55: Jaridah Peti
Lvl 57: Scorpion Harness/+1
Lvl 59: Black Cotehardie / Flora Cotehardie
Lvl 60: Dancer's Casaque AF *Macro in for Waltzes
Lvl 67: Assault Jerkin *Great for attack build and WS swap-in.
Lvl 69: Blue Cotehardie/+1
Lvl 71: Antares Harness
Lvl 72: Pahluwan Khazagand
Lvl 72: Enkidu's Harness
Lvl 74: Dancer's Casaque +1
Lvl 74: Narasimha's Vest
Lvl 75: Etoile Casaque / Etoile Casaque +1
Lvl 75: Mirke Wardecors


Lvl 1: Bronze Mittens
Lvl 7: Leather Gloves
Lvl 10: Legionnaire's Mittens or Royal Footman's Gloves
Lvl 14: Battle Gloves Stick with these for the Acc.
Lvl 16: Bone Mittens/Bone Mittens +1 or
Lvl 16: Scentless Armlets or
Lvl 17: Lizard Gloves/Fine Gloves
Lvl 21: Beetle Mittens/Beetle Mittens +1
Lvl 27: RSE
Lvl 30: Mercenary Captain's Gloves
(would also recommend staying with RSE gloves if you are Hume or Elvaan for the +DEX, or just stick with Battle Gloves)
Lvl 30: Gigas Bracelets (WS only)
Lvl 40: Ogygos's Bracelets (WS only)
Lvl 50: Crow Bracers
Great for -Enmity and Evasion
Lvl 50: Enkelados's Bracelets (WS only)
Lvl 52: Dancer's Bangles (AF)
Lvl 55: Jaridah Bazubands/Akinji Bazubands
Lvl 60: Pallas's Bracelets (WS only)
Lvl 65: Fencing Bracers
Lvl 68: Cobra Mittens
Lvl 70: Alkyoneus's Bracelets (WS only)
Lvl 70: Tarasque Mitts/Tarasque Mitts +1
( these have -5/-6 CHR, so be sure to balance your stats accordingly.)
Lvl 71: Etoile Bangles Relic
Lvl 72: Pahluwan Dastanas
Lvl 72: Dusk Gloves/Dusk Gloves +1 (+Haste; will be expensive)
Lvl 72: Enkidu's Mittens
Lvl 74: Dancer's Bangles +1
Lvl 75: Denali Wristbands
Lvl 75: Etoile Bangles +1


Lvl 1: Bronze Subligar/Bronze Subligar +1
Lvl 7: Leather Trousers/Leather Trousers +1
Lvl 11: Brass Subligar/Brass Subligar +1
Lvl 16: Bone Subligar/Bone Subligar +1
Lvl 17: Lizard Trousers/Fine Trousers
Lvl 21: Beetle Subligar/Beetle Subligar +1
Lvl 21: Garrison Hose (DD piece)
Lvl 25: Kingdom Trousers
Lvl 25: Bastokan Subligar/Republic Subligar
Lvl 30: Mercenary Captain's Hose
Lvl 31: RSE
Lvl 50: Crow Hose
Lvl 58: Dancer's Tights (AF)
Lvl 67: Coral Subligar
Lvl 68: Cobra Subligar
Lvl 70: Clown's Subligar
Lvl 71: Vendor's Slops/Prince's Slops
Lvl 72: Pahluwan Seraweels
Lvl 72: Dusk Trousers/Dusk Trousers +1 (+ATT & +RACC; is likely to be expensive)
Lvl 72: Enkidu's Subligar
Lvl 74: Etoile Tights
Lvl 74: Dancer's Tights +1
Lvl 75: Denali Kecks
Lvl 75: Barbarossa's Zerehs
Lvl 75: Etoile Tights +1 *Best Haste piece you can equip in this slot on DNC


Lvl 1: Bronze Leggings/+1
Lvl 7: Bounding Boots/Leaping Boots
  • Note* If you have these they shouldn't be replaced except for on three conditions: 1. You have Winged Boots, 2. You swapped to Jaridah Nails or AF, 3. your a lizard-a-phobe
Lvl 7: Leather Highboots
Lvl 10: Royal Footman's Boots or
Lvl 11: Brass Leggings/Brass Leggings +1
Lvl 16: Bone Leggings/+1
Lvl 17: Lizard Ledelsens/Fine Ledelsens
Lvl 18: Power Sandals
Lvl 21: Beetle Leggings/+1
Lvl 24: Winged Boots
Lvl 29: RSE
Lvl 30: Mercenary Captain's Gaiters
Lvl 38: Mountain Gaiters
Lvl 50: Crow Gaiters
Lvl 55: Jaridah Nails
Lvl 56: Dancer's Shoes (AF)
Lvl 59: Tabin Boots/+1
Lvl 67: Rutter Sabatons
Lvl 68: Cobra Leggings
Lvl 70: Volunteer's Nails
Lvl 72: Enkidu's Leggings
Lvl 72: Pahluwan Crackows
Lvl 72: Dance Shoes
Lvl 72: Dusk Ledelsens
Lvl 73: Etoile Toe Shoes Relic
Lvl 74: Dancer's Toe Shoes +1
Lvl 75: Denali Gamashes
Lvl 75: Heroic Boots/+1 *Liable to be expensive for +1
Lvl 75: Etoile Toe Shoes +1


Lvl 1: Gold Moogle Belt/Silver Moogle Belt/Bronze Moogle Belt
Lvl 1: Blood Stone +1/Blood Stone
Lvl 14 Friar's Rope
Lvl 15: Warrior's Belt +1/Warrior's Belt
Lvl 30: Mercenary Captain's Belt
Lvl 30: Sarashi (if /nin this reduces the delay of weapons by 1%)
Lvl 40 Tilt Belt (is probably a better choice than the above, Acc+5, ideal for DD until 48 if you aren't tanking)
Lvl 40: Corsette +1 (macro in for Curing Waltz)
Lvl 43: Swordbelt +1/Swordbelt
Lvl 48: Life Belt
Lvl 50: Swift Belt
Lvl 54: Virtuoso Belt (ACC+12 ATT+4 rare/ex drop off of Belladonna, amazing)
Lvl 55: Speed Belt (Expensive, better than Life Belt ONLY if you don't need the Acc+)
Lvl 55: Velocious Belt (rare/ex of speed belt, drops off King Arthro)
Lvl 60: Potent Belt (Good upgrade from Life Belt if you don't want to hunt Virtuoso Belt)
Lvl 71: Warwolf Belt
Lvl 72: Cuchulain's Belt (ATK & DEX)


Lvl 4: Rabbit Mantle
Lvl 12: Traveler's Mantle
Lvl 17: Lizard Mantle
Lvl 18: Dhalmel Mantle
Lvl 21: Night Cape (DEF: 3, Evasion +3 same DEF as Dhalmel Mantle with added EVA)
Lvl 24: Nomad's Mantle
Lvl 28: Wolf Mantle +1
Lvl 30: Wyvern Mantle (if you use /drg)
Lvl 46: Bat Cape
Lvl 47: Jaguar Mantle
Lvl 60: Bushido Cape (DEF 7, "Store TP" +1, "Subtle Blow" +1,)
Lvl 61: Amemet Mantle/Amemet Mantle +1
Lvl 69: Psilos Mantle (Cheap and at least better then NQ Amemet Mantle)
Lvl 70: Boxer's Mantle (Great for solo parry skill+10 evasion skill +10 |maybe +10 guard for H2H|
Lvl 70: Etoile Cape Relic cape
Lvl 71: Forager's Mantle (Second best mantle for any Melee in the game)
Lvl 74: Cuchulain's Mantle (Accuracy)
Lvl 75: Cerberus Mantle/+1 (Likely to be expensive.)


Lvl 7: Wing Pendant
Lvl 7: Justice Badge
Lvl 14: Van Pendant
Lvl 15: Bird Whistle (Helps with Curing Waltz)
Lvl 20: Bloodbead Amulet
Lvl 21: Spike Necklace (+DEX, +STR)
Lvl 24: Tiger Stole (Def +2, Att +5)
Lvl 33: Peacock Amulet/Peacock Charm
Lvl 59: Spectacles
Lvl 60: Chivalrous Chain (+Acc, +STR, and "Store TP" +1)
Lvl 73: Love Torque
Lvl 74: Ancient Torque
*Liable to be very rare, drops from Lambton Worm
Lvl 75: Orochi Nodowa


Lvl 1: San d'Orian Ring or Bastokan Ring or Windurstian Ring
Lvl 14: Mighty Ring (the 50 charges on this ring lasted me to Lvl 40)
Lvl 14: Vision Ring
Lvl 14: Stamina Ring
Lvl 14: Balance Ring/Balance Ring +1
Lvl 14: Courage Ring/Courage Ring +1
Lvl 30: Archer's Ring/Shikaree Ring
Lvl 30: Rajas Ring (if you have)
Lvl 30: Divisor Ring (only when your level is a multiple of 5)
Lvl 34: Venerer Ring
Lvl 35: Jaeger Ring
Lvl 36: Puissance Ring +1
Lvl 40: Sniper's Ring or Woodsman Ring
Lvl 42: Assailant's Ring
Lvl 49: Kshama Ring No. 2
Lvl 49: Kshama Ring No. 8
Lvl 49: Ecphoria Ring
Lvl 50: Garrulous Ring
Lvl 50: Unyielding Ring
Lvl 50: Ulthalam's Ring
Lvl 54: Fluorite Ring/Grace Ring/Grace Ring +1
Lvl 54: Sun Ring/Victory Ring/Victory Ring +1
Lvl 70: Blood Ring
Lvl 72: Spinel Ring/Adroit Ring/Adroit Ring +1
Lvl 72: Ruby Ring/Triumph Ring/Triumph Ring +1


Lvl 1: Cassie Earring
Lvl 10: Optical Earring
Lvl 16: Bone Earring/Bone Earring +1 (for DD)
Lvl 20: Shield Earring (if not /mage for tanking/soloing.)
Lvl 21: Beetle Earring/Beetle Earring +1 (for DD)
Lvl 29: Dodge Earring (for tanking/soloing.)
Lvl 30: Wyvern Earring (if /DRG.)
Lvl 30: Trimmer's Earring (if /BST.)
Lvl 35: Drone Earring
Lvl 40: Intruder Earring
Lvl 49: Heims Earring
Lvl 49: Harvest Earring
Lvl 50: Velocity Earring
Lvl 50: Storm Loop
Lvl 55: Fang Earring/Spike Earring
Lvl 61: Minuet Earring
Lvl 63: Coral Earring/Merman's Earring
Lvl 65: Diabolos's Earring
Lvl 72: Ethereal Earring, Suppanomimi or Bushinomimi
Lvl 73: Roundel Earring (for cures)
Lvl 75: Choreia Earring (for steps)
Lvl 75: Brutal Earring
Lvl 75: Delta Earring


Lvl 71: Airy Buckler (Only one worth using if not /nin)(But DNC gets Dual Wield at 20 so dont need to use shield)

Closing Note

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