Dabih Jajalioh
Ru'Lude Gardens (F-9Rulude-gardens.png); down the steps southeast of the Auction House


After a certain amount has been purchased from her, she changes her greeting to be:
Dabih Jajalioh: Hello therrre. I worrrk for the M&P Market. I'm still new, so I don't know much about selling stuff...
Announces when her stock has changed in /say: My new shipment has finally come in. Talk to me, and I can show you what we have!

  • You do not need to personally buy items for her to upgrade her stock, it appears to be server-based instead.
    • I bought a stack of every item available (the six standard ones) and zoned. Then she had additional items in stock. So maybe it isn't server-based after all ...

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   Always Available

   Occasionally Available*

*The availability of these items seems to vary depending on how much has been purchased from her.
**Sell three varieties of chocobo eggs; Their descriptions include "a bit warm", "slightly warm", and "faintly warm."

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