The cut of this armor set is identical to the level 1 RSE gear every hume gets for free on a new character. The main difference is instead of blue, the color scheme for this set is dark red. This set is designed to capitalize on the hume's "jack of all trades" stats, and thus provides modest boosts to every stat.


A Hume male in full RSE gear

Number of Pieces: 4

Cost to store: 250 gil (Custom armor (♂) claim slip)

Level Armor Piece
27 Custom M Gloves

[Hands] H
DEF: 6 HP +12 MP +4 STR +3 DEX +3 VIT -1
AGI -1
Lv. 27 All Jobs

29 Custom M Boots

[Feet] H
DEF: 5 HP +4 MP +12 DEX -1 AGI +3 INT +3
MND -1
Lv. 29 All Jobs

31 Custom Slacks

[Legs] H
DEF: 12 MP +32 STR -1 MND +3 CHR +1
Lv. 31 All Jobs

33 Custom Tunic

[Body] H
DEF: 18 HP +32 VIT +3 INT -1 CHR +1
Lv. 33 All Jobs

Set Summary

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