Start NPC Shantotto - Windurst Walls (K-7)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 4
Level 10
Items Needed KeyItemShantotto's New Spell
Title Granted Total Loser
Doctor Shantotto's Flavor of the Month
Repeatable No
Reward Scroll of Warp II
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Curses, Foiled...Again!? None


Beaucedine glacier

Beaucedine Glacier


Fei'Yin 1


Fei'Yin 2

You must zone after completing Curses, Foiled...Again!?. If you are on certain quests or missions, speaking to Shantotto more than once may be necessary.

  • Speak to Shantotto, who asks a question. Choose the second option, "Ask if you're worthy."
  • Shantotto then asks another question; choose the second option, "Whatchu talkin' 'bout Shantotto?"
    • Shantotto bestows you with the title "Total Loser" if you choose the first option, "Yes mommy" instead of the second option. If you do not choose this option, however, you can still get the title at the title-changing NPC after the quest has been completed.
    • The title "Total Loser" is not necessary for this quest. Choosing the second option on the first question is, however. It is possible to get the title without activating the quest.
  • Shantotto tells you to go to the Beaucedine Glacier and find Rukususu. The quest now appears in the log.
  • Head to the tower at (I-7) in Beaucedine Glacier
    • From the Beaucedine Glacier outpost, take the downramp and turn left at the bottom. Follow this around to another downramp. Follow it and turn left at the bottom. The tower appears shortly.
  • Speak to Torino-Samarino, who asks a question. Select the first option to get KeyItemShantotto's New Spell.
    • If you are on Desires of Emptiness, Torino-Samarino may give you optional dialogue from that mission. Simply speak with Torino-Samarino again to get the dialogue for this quest.
  • Head back outside to the glacier and to Fei'Yin.
    • You may also use Fei'Yin Home Point #2 to reach the second map quickly.
  • Once inside Fei'Yin, head to (F-6) on the second map.
  • Click the first cermet door on your right (approaching from the north; Rukususu is visible through the door) for a cutscene.
  • Return to Windurst Walls and talk to Shantotto for Warp II scroll and the title "Doctor Shantotto's Flavor of the Month."

Game Description

Shantotto (Manor, Windurst Walls)
Shantotto wants you to go ask the Rhinostery's Rukususu about how her magic is performing. Rukususu's party is said to be at the tower ruins on the Beaucedine Glacier.
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