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Crystal War Revisited – Ongoing Results! (11/13/2007)
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We expect that you've already jumped at the chance to take part in the Crystal War Revisited event, right, kupo?
We Moogles are losing sleep speculating about which nation has been able to secure the most crystal fragments, and stake their claim as most powerful among the Allied Forces of Altana! We couldn't help but carry out some preliminary calculations, and we'd like to take this opportunity to announce the Crystal War Revisited event's current standings, kupo!

Crystal War Revisited – Ongoing Results! (11-13-2007)

How do those results sit with you, kupo?
Congratulations to the leading nation! All you adventurers keep representing, kupo!
For those of you in second and third... Well, there's still plenty of time left, beastmen to kill, and crystal fragments to steal! It's on now, kupo!
Don't give up! Your nation is counting on you, kupo!
As a little added incentive, we thought you might like to know that adventurers exhibiting exemplary exploits can expect exciting extras, regardless of their nation's standing, kupo!

So keep on keeping on, kupo! Become a beacon for your nation, a supreme representative of its pride and spirit, and steal those crystals, kupo!

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