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Crystal War Revisited – Final Results! (11/20/2007)
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The Crystal War revisitation has ended, kupo!
We Moogles are literally at each other's throats over which nation was able to secure the most crystal fragments! I think we are going to explode with anticipation if we don't clear this up right away. So without further ado, we present the final results of the Crystal War Revisited event, kupo!

The winner of the Crystal War Revisited event is...(drum roll)... San d'Oria, kupooo!
Congratulations on staking your claim as the most powerful of nations among Altana's Allied Forces! The citizenry can expect a reward fitting of their supreme standing from us Moogles, kupo!
And not to have their efforts go unnoticed, we've also prepared a little something special for all those individual adventurers who had outshining performances, kupo!

Crystal War Revisited – Final Results! (11-20-2007)

- Reward Period
0:00am Tuesday, November 20, 2007(PST) – 0:00am Tuesday, December 11, 2007(PST)

- Pan-World Reward
Players belonging to the nation which placed first in the Pan-World Standings, San d'Oria, may enjoy a convenient teleporting service between nations. To make use of this service, simply speak to any of the designated NPCs in the following areas:

Southern San d'Oria / Northern San d'Oria
Bastok Mines / Bastok Markets
Windurst Waters / Windurst Woods

- Individual World Rewards
The citizenry of the nation which placed first on each individual server will find specialty shops at the following locations vending all their wares:

Southern San d'Oria / Northern San d'Oria / Port San d'Oria
Bastok Mines / Bastok Markets / Port Bastok / Metalworks
Windurst Waters / Port Windurst / Windurst Woods

- Individual Adventurer Rewards
A congratulatory "redeyes" will be sent to the Delivery Box of those adventurers who had an especially stellar performance.

*Redeyes will be presented to the 1,000 players who secured the largest number of crystal fragments across all worlds (over 101 crystal fragments).
*Deliveries will be made in the beginning of December.

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