Start NPC None
Items Needed Key ItemBeguiling petrifact
Key ItemSeductive petrifact
Key ItemMaddening petrifact
Title Granted Witness to Provenance
Repeatable No
Reward Loot dropped by Provenance Watcher
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Provenance Endings and Beginnings


  • With the three key item petrifacts in possession from the previous quest, examine the Provenance Protocrystal in Provenance to engage and defeat Provenance Watcher.
    • Every alliance member needs all three key item petrifacts to participate, and they are lost on entry.
  • Check the Regal Pawprints upon victory.

Game Description

Mission Orders
You have discovered that Vana'diel's plight can be traced back to a being that guards the fabled stone oft mentioned in songs of yore. Now all that remains is to lay it to rest.