Ifrit enhances party member's attack within area of effect.


Avatar: Ifrit (Fire)

Blood Pact: Ward

Cost: 84 MP

Level: 38


Effect Duration:
Minimum: 1 minute
Maximum: Information

Battle Application: N/A

Damage Type: N/A

Additional Notes:

  • Attack bonus is 8.54% to 8.98% (Source)
  • Each summoning magic skill level over the current skill level cap will add one second to the duration.
  • Avatar's TP does not affect this ability
  • This Blood pact's duration was increased in a 2010 update. The original minimum duration was 30 seconds; whether this is still the case remains to be verified. The current maximum duration is unknown.

Macro Syntax

  • /pet "Crimson Howl" <me>
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