Start NPC Resistance Sapper - Abyssea - Misareaux (I-7)
Repeatable Yes (one Resistance Ops quest per Vana'diel day)
Reward Varying amount of Cruor and Resistance Credits, 0 or 1 of ANY Leg Seals


Rough example player standing 1 yalm away from the Fore Trap

  • Talk to the Resistance Sapper who will ask you to infuse a fore trap with paralysis trap fluid.
  • You can use Conflux #02 to get to the fore trap at K-8 quick, although just running there won't take that much longer.
  • Finished in just over 2 minutes with "Amazing!" message and received 1000 cruor and 80 resistance credits.
  • Quest does not appear to be affected much (if at all) by time. You can continue to unprime the trap until you get a distance of 1 yalm. Then return to the sapper for 80 resistance credits each time.

Game Description

Resistance Sapper (Central Outpost, Abyssea - Misareaux)
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