Start NPC Resistance Sapper - Abyssea - Attohwa (G-8)
Repeatable Yes (one Resistance Ops quest per Vana'diel day)
Reward Varying amount of 100-1000 Cruor, 35-80 Resistance Credits and

0 or 1 of the following:
Bale Seal: Head (DRK) (???%)
Charis Seal: Head (DNC) (???%)
Cirque Seal: Head (PUP) (???%)
Estoqueur's Seal: Head (RDM) (???%)
Goetia Seal: Head (BLM) (???%)
Ferine Seal: Head (BST) (???%)
Orison Seal: Head (WHM) (???%)
Raider's Seal: Head (THF) (???%)
Savant's Seal: Head (SCH) (???%)
Tantra Seal: Head (MNK) (???%)
Unkai Seal: Head (SAM) (???%)
Mavi Seal: Head (BLU) (???%)
Caller's Seal: Head (SMN) (???%)
Aoidos' Seal: Head (BRD) (???%)
Lancer's Seal: Head (DRG) (???%)
Creed Seal: Head (PLD) (???%)
Iga Seal: Head (NIN) (???%)


Rough example player standing 1 yalm away from the Fore Trap

  • Talk to the Resistance Sapper (F-9). He is 10 yalms West of Verdical Conflux #00.
  • Travel to the border of (E-8) (E-9) and select the Fore Trap. This is located near the Rift Dragons along the wall.
  • Found Fore Trap at F-10 near Defile Scorpions.
  • Infuse the trap.
    • When you start the process you are told how far you have to move away from the Fore Trap before you infuse it: "Please stand X yalms away then commence the process." X can vary from 1-4 yalms. If you don't like the distance, choose to cease it in the next menu and try again. The distance changes every time you do this.
  • Return to the Resistance Sapper.

Game Description

Resistance Sapper (Central Outpost, Abyssea - Attohwa)
Enfeeblement traps have been laid along the outpost's perimeter in order to weaken would-be besiegers. This operation requires you to infuse a fore trap with paralysis trap fluid, its energy source. Be mindful of your distance from the trap when performing the infusion.