Start NPC Illu Bohjaa - Windurst Woods (I-6)
Requirements Windurst Reputation 1
Items Needed Silk Thread x3 or
Crawler Calculus x3
Title Granted Crawler Culler
Repeatable Yes
Reward 600g


Game Description

Illu Bohjaa (Dhalmel Farm, Windurst Woods)
The dhalmel farmer wants you to cull the crawler pests that eat up all the dhalmel food. Bring her three silk threads or three crawler calculi as proof of your efforts in order to gain a reward. It is very unwise to do this quest with the Silk Threadx3 as Silk Thread is highly valuable and sells for tens of thousands of gil. Crawler Calculi, on the other hand, are worthless but do not stack in your inventory so they can be bothersome if you have not unlocked more spaces in your inventory bag questline.
As of a recent patch Crawler Calculi are now stackable in stacks of 12.
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