Earning Crafter Points

Crafter Points (CP) are earned by synthesizing Crafting Sets exclusively with Analysis Crystals.

A successful synthesis will result in a Crafting Set signed with a 'Quality Value', based on the level of success of the synth.

This Quality Value is equal to the amount of CP received upon trading the finished Crafting Set to the NPC responsible for CP exchange at each Crafting Guild, as listed below:

Synthesis Skill NPC Location
Woodworking Luren Northern San d'Oria (E-3)
Blacksmithing Ore Guzzler Northern San d'Oria (E-6)
Esvin Metalworks (E-7)
Goldsmithing Puyutete Bastok Markets (H-8)
Clothcraft Julissois Windurst Woods (G-12)
Leatherworking Wolden-Bolden Southern San d'Oria (D-9)
Bonecraft Tergil Windurst Woods (H-12)
Alchemy Yek Falimeygo Bastok Mines (L-7)
Cooking Isanie Windurst Waters, North (E-9)

Using Crafter Points

CP can be used to purchase the following items from the CP Exchange NPCs listed above for use in creating Escutcheons at specific stages in their progress:

Item Price Stage
Mythril Screws 3,000 CP 1
Camphor 5,000 CP
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