Start NPC Hieronymus - Bastok Markets (S) (E-8)
Requirements All Gustaberg Front and Derfland Front areas under Bastokan control
Be affiliated with Bastok in the allied Campaign
Minimum Rank KeyItemKeyItemIron Emblem of Service ∮∮
Category Offensive
Cost 1 Op Credit
Unit Size 1-6 Members
Items Needed Quadav Charm
KeyItemDiamond Seal
Reward See below
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Game Description

Client: Hieronymus - Bastok Markets (S) (E-8)

Summary: In response to our reclaiming of regions surrounding the capital, Za'Dha Adamantking has organized his surviving legions to launch a mass counter-offensive from Beadeaux. You are to neutralize this threat by eliminating the Quadav leader.

Unit Requirement: 1~6 members


The armoury crate loads in the following groups:

One of:
Brave Grip (???%)
Wise Strap (???%)
Zero or one of:
Crapaud Earring (???%)
Balestarius (???%)
Airy Buckler (???%)

Assault Earring (???%)
Enhancing Mantle (???%)
Gold Ingot (???%)
Moonstone (???%)
Hi-Reraiser (???%)
Blue Rock (???%)
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