• A blue Crabauble lives in Mog Garden by default.
  • A red Crabauble comes to Mog Garden after the player obtains a Key ItemCrab caller.
  • Clicking on the blue Crabauble causes it to walk towards you.
  • Clicking on the red Crabauble causes it to walk towards the blue Crabauble.
    • Each time you click, it travels half the distance between itself and the blue one. Each consecutive click covers another half the remaining distance until it is in the same spot.
  • Infrequently, the blue Crabauble will move around the Mog Garden, then return to its normal resting place; sometimes the red Crabauble will also move around with the blue one.
  • During certain special events (perhaps only the Mog Gardens Campaigns), the blue Crabauble takes on the appearance of Courier Carrie (i.e., a basket-burdened crab). When this happens, you will receive two flotsam a day, and the second item draws from a special loot pool only available during special events.
  • Crabauble serves no purpose (as yet determined) other than to entertain/indicate when special flotsam is available.
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