A somewhat doubtful alchemy
product of the Near East.
Used In Quest(s):

Cosmo-Cleanse is a Key Item available every 20 Earth hours for 15,000 gil from Sagheera, in Port Jeuno.

KeyItemRhapsody in Mauve from Rhapsodies of Vana'diel reduces the cost to 1,000 gil and the wait to one Earth hour.

A Cosmo-Cleanse is required to enter Limbus, along with either a Red Card, Black Card, or White Card depending on which area of Temenos or Apollyon you are entering. The Cosmo-Cleanse and appropriate card are expended when you enter the actual battlegrounds from the lobby of your chosen area. The timer for reacquisition of Cosmo-Cleanse begins at this point.

Each participant in Limbus must possess his/her own set of key items to be allowed entry.


"Cosmo Cleaner D" was an alien artifact from the popular animé series Space Battleship Yamato, which held the promise of healing radiation damage inflicted on Earth from an alien attack [1].

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