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How to Cook, by Crawlerbasher of Remora
Crawlerbasher’s Cooking Guide


Hello, my name is Crawlerbasher of Remora.
And my cooking is at 100, it’s been so long since I had cooking at low level, but I hope that you find this guide useful.

Some tips before we start.
First of all Region Sellers NPC are your friends, use them to get ingredients, that would cost you more if you got it from the Auction House.
Also woodworking to synth Maple Sugar and Bonecraft to make Gelatine, will come in handy, as you will sometimes need to make them yourself, if the region is not in control of an area, or the nation that sells it, is not in 1st place.

Also Fishing is great if you plan to make sushi, as this will make it easier for you to compete on the market.
Also you should learn raw fish handling skills ASAP as sushi is a good Gil maker.

Anyway, good luck with your crafting and I do hope that my Guide as been of some use to you.

Level 1 - 10

Roasted Corn (2) – Cheap craft, but not good sellers.

Grilled Hare (6) – This is ideal as you can get the ingredients just exping, and the Dried Marjoram from the shop in Windurst Waters. Plus it's an ideal food for low level meleeing and sells well.

Speed Apple (8) – Also another cheap Synth, but might not sell well, but if you do chocobo racing a lot, then you might find a use for this

Orange Juice (10) – once you get to about level 6 in cooking you can start making these, if you have a mage job you will find this very useful, if you sell this on the Auction House you will make a small loss.

Level 11 – 20

Honey (12)

Roast Mushroom (16) – This is wonderful synth as there are 3 different types of shrooms that can be used, also it sells for a nice profit, but are slow sellers. Also its an ideal White Mage Food, as it boost MND and MP.

Apple Juice (20) – Same as Orange Juice Notes

Selbina Butter (20) – Keep these as there will be needed for later on when making Pie Dough.

Level 21 – 30

Baked Apple (23) – Ideal for Mages at low level.

Roast Coffee Beans (25) – Easy Synth, and if you harvest the coffee beans yourself, then its extremely cheap.

Roasted Almond (25) – Easy Synth, and if you harvest the Almond yourself, then its extremely cheap.

Meat Jerky (26)

Boiled Crab (27) – Nice Tank Food for low levels.

Insect Ball (29) – This craft is dirt cheap and sells fast and for a nice profit. Just remember to get the ingredients from the NPC.

Pineapple Juice (30) – I really like this synth, as I can make it on fly in exp parties and gives a decent Refresh rate.

Level 31 -40

Sardine Ball (31) – If you do a lot of fishing, then you might find this synth useful to skill up on.

Nebimonite Bake (33) –Another Tank Food, slow sellers too.

Trout Ball (33) – if you fish a lot then you might want to skill up on this.

Meatball (35) – if you fish a lot then you might want to skill up on this.

Jack-o'-Lantern (38)

Meat Mithkabob (38) – This is a popular item and a very fast seller, you not realy going to make much on this till you hit 89 when you can HQ this 50% of the time. You can also make this cheaper by farming the Cockatrice Meat and Wild Onion, doing this will take time but will save about 20 to 30k per stack of ingredients. (You can also use Ziz Meat in place of the Cockatrice Meat)

Melon Juice (40)

Level 41 – 50

Pie Dough (42) – This is where you use the butter that you skilled up on earlier, also you would like to save this as well for when you move on to making pies.

Fish Broth (45)

Pickled Herring (46) – If you have joined the Cooking Guild, they might ask for this to earn guild points.

Cinna-cookie (49) – MP Recovered While healing +4 , nice food for mages.

Apple Pie (50) – Remember the Pie Dough? Nice Food for Black Mage and Red Mage, Boost INT and MP. Also is a decent seller.

Level 51 – 60

Orange au Lait (51) – Regen in a bottle.

Beaugreen Saute (55) – Best selling this to NPC, cheap craft, so it should not be too much of a loss.

Ginger Cookie (58) - This is a popular food and a fast seller, you can make profit on this if its HQed.

Ginger Cookie (60)

Yagudo Drink (60) – This is a good money maker and the best Refresh drink you can get. Buy the ingredients from Regional Merchants (Kolshushu Region), as the ingredients are fairly affordable.

Level 61 – 70

Stone Cheese (61) – Just cheap to make, Can be use later to make Rarab Meatball.

Apple au Lait (62)

Melon Pie (64) – This seems to be a favorite for Black Mage

Colored Egg (68) – Does not sell, except during the Easter Event.

San d'Orian Tea (70) – Used sometimes to collect Guild points for the cooking guild

Level 71 – 80

Pear au Lait (72)

Rarab Meatball (76)

Blackened Newt (78)

Chocomilk (79)

Orange Kuchen (80)

Level 81 – 90

Goblin Drink (82) – Used to Spawn: Goblin Wolfman and as such can sell for about 3k to 10k but sometimes there are slow sellers.

Chamomile Tea (83)

Yellow Curry (85)

Marron Glace (86) – This was cheap and at the time it used to sell for a decent amount of gil.

Coeurl Sautee (88) – Used to make Coeurl sub, and sells well on the AH.

Rolanberry Pie (90) – Another Black Mage favourite.

Vampire Juice (90) – Refresh and Regen in a bottle.

Level 91 – 100

Persikos au Lait (91) – Can be expensive.

Coeurl Sub (93) – Use the Coeurl Sautee you made earlier, also another good seller.

Black Curry (94)

Rice Dumpling (95) – A Decent Seller

Sweet Rice Cake (99) – This is a gil sink, it does sell fast but you will lose a lot of gil on this, so don't start crafting this until about level 95 cooking.

Cursed Soup (100) – You will need to farm your Royal Jelly from the bees in Crawlers' Nest, as this ingredient is Ex.

Red Curry (100) – This is expensive, and hard to get Dragon Meat from the Auction House, but you will at least break even on this craft.

If you made it to 100 Congratulations!