Start NPC Jonette - Abyssea - Misareaux (G-7)
Repeatable Yes, after zoning.
Reward 400 Cruor on first completion, 200 Cruor after each additional run and possibly one of the following:

Ferine Seal: Legs BST (5.6%)
Orison Seal: Legs WHM (8.9%)
Raider's Seal: Legs THF (6.3%)
Unkai Seal: Legs SAM (6.6%)
No Seal (72.7%)


  • Go to Mathurin's Camp (G-7) and talk to Jonette (near Conflux #3), she will ask you to find her cookbook which she dropped.
  • You must find and click on a specific ??? to receive the Key Item Torn recipe page.
    • There are 4 places where the ??? can spawn, which cycle about every ten minutes in the following order:
      • 1. Spiders (Due west of Conflux #00). Care must be given not to aggro the NM spider Athamas T(H).
      • 2. Colibri (G/H-8/9 - at the base of the tree) (Closest Conflux #00 west past Spiders or #04 and north past Frigatebirds). Colibri camp is completely safe.
      • 3. Peiste (J-11) (East of Conflux #07 at the beginning of the Peiste area, not the ??? nearest the cliff wall, that spawns NM named Sobek). Peiste aggro sight and a Peiste NM named Gukumatz T(S) can spawn.
      • 4. Bugard (K-11) (Just north of the passageway from Conflux #08). Bugards aggro to sound.
    • Once the pattern is discovered, a fast run can be done in 2-3 minutes, average 4-5 minutes, and long runs are 6-7 minutes.

Game Description

Jonette (Abyssea - Misareaux)
Jonette's dream is to restore hope to the community of survivors by serving them an array of scrumptious dishes. However, she dropped the cookbook needed to fulfill that dream when fleeing from monsters. Be a dear and find it for her.
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