Start NPC Jonette - Abyssea - Misareaux (G-7)
Repeatable Yes, after zoning.
Reward 400 Cruor on first completion, 200 Cruor after each additional run and possibly one of the following:

Orison Seal: Legs (5.6%)
Ferine Seal: Legs (5.2%)
Raider's Seal: Legs (5.5%)
Unkai Seal: Legs (5.4%)


  • Talk to Jonette (near Conflux #3), she will ask you to find her cookbook which she dropped.
  • You must find and click on a specific ??? to receive the Key Item Torn recipe page.
    • There are 4 places where the ??? can spawn, which cycle every ten minutes in the following order:
      • 1. Spiders (Closest Conflux #00)
      • 2. Colibri (H-8/9 - SW of Spiders)
      • 3. Peiste (J-11) (Closest Conflux #07)
      • 4. Bugard (K-11) (Closest Conflux #08)
    • Care must be given at Spider camp not to aggro the NM spider Athamas T(H). Colibri camp is completely safe. Peiste aggro sight but be wary; a Peiste NM named Gukumatz can spawn within the Peiste here and aggros T(S). Bugards aggro to sound.
    • Once the pattern is discovered, a fast run can be done in 2-3 minutes, average 4-5 minutes, and long runs are 6-7 minutes.
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