Type: BCNM
Zone: Horlais Peak
          Level: No restriction.
          Members: 6
          Time: 30 minutes
Orb: Atropos Orb (30 Kindred's Seals)






Evil Oscar x 1





Your armoury crate will load out of the following groupings:

All of:
Malboro Fiber (100%)
One of:
Michishiba (21.4%)
Morgenstern (17.1%)
Senjuinrikio (34.3%)
Thyrsusstab (17.1%)
One of:
Cassie Earring (10%)
Claymore Grip (4.3%)
Malboro Vine (15.7%)
Morbolger Vine (28.6%)
Pole Grip (20%)
Spear Strap (11.4%)
One of:
Adaman Ingot (15.7%)
Orichalcum Ingot (30%)
Oscar Scarf (40%)

One of:
Evoker's Boots (17.1%)
Ostreger Mitts (21.4%)
Pineal Hat (14.3%)
Tracker's Kecks (15.7%)
One of:
Coral Fragment (10%)
Darksteel Ore (2.9%)
Demon Horn (2.9%)
Ebony Log (2.9%)
Gold Ore (10%)
Gold Thread (2.9%)
Granite (2.9%)
Mahogany Log (4.3%)
Mythril Ore (2.9%)
Petrified Log (5.7%)
Platinum Ore (1.4%)
Rainbow Cloth (5.7%)
Ram Horn (2.9%)
Vile Elixir (5.7%)
Vile Elixir +1 (2.9%)
Wyvern Scales (7.1%)
One of:
Beetle Blood (8.6%)
Damascus Ingot (1.4%)
Damascene Cloth (2.9%)
Malboro Fiber (4.3%)
Philosopher's Stone (18.6%)
Phoenix Feather (24.3%)
Raxa (15.7%)


  • Evil Oscar uses Morbol special attacks and Extremely Bad Breath that causes instant death. From experience it appears to be a radial AoE attack, but it only has a range of approximately 10'.
  • At certain time intervals, the chat log will display the message "Evil Oscar begins filling his lungs with the foul air around him..."; once this message has been displayed for the third time, Evil Oscar will immediately start to ready Extremely Bad Breath if its target is within range. If its target is not within range, it will wait until it is before readying the attack.
  • The time between warnings for Extremely Bad Breath shorten as the fight progresses.
  • It is possible to outrun Extremely Bad Breath before it occurs, as it has a long readying time. However, even if its intended target runs out of range, it can still hit others.
  • Evil Oscar's physical attacks have an added effect of Weight. The effect is extremely potent and will make escape from Extremely Bad Breath almost impossible if you are targeted by it. Utsusemi is highly recommended for anyone at risk of receiving physical blows.
  • His Impale Tp move does Bind, unlike normal Morbols.
  • It is susceptible to Gravity and Bind, but will gradually gain resistance to both effects with repeated use.
  • It is susceptible to DoT spells such as: Dia/Bio, Poison, Elemental Enfeebles, Helixes, and Requiem.
  • It is immune to Sleep and Stun.
  • It has about 10,000-12,500 HP.