Gustaberg is a region hewn straight out of the dust and stone. Bastokers of all levels revel in its solidity and marvel at the manpower and determination it took to carve their land out of solid stone. There are two dungeons which house armor dropping beastmen; the Palborough Mines and Dangruf Wadi.

The Palborough Mines are the home of the Quadav, who use these passages and tunnels as their home and nesting grounds. These beastmen can be found in the maze of tunnels, and get higher in level the higher and deeper you ascend into the mines. Dangruf Wadi is teeming with Goblins of various levels within this steaming maze of hot springs and geysers. Of the two, Dangruf Wadi is closest to the Outpost.

Beastmen and Other Mobs

The following is a list of armor/weapon dropping mobs for each zone:

Palborough Mines:

Mob Level
Amber Quadav (3-10)
Amethyst Quadav (3-10)
Young Quadav (3-10)
Greater Quadav (11-18)
Onyx Quadav (11-18)
Veteran Quadav (11-18)
Mine Scorpion (14-16)
Brass Quadav (21-23)
Copper Quadav (21-23)
Old Quadav (21-23)
Scimitar Scorpion (19-21)

Dangruf Wadi:

Mob Level
Goblin Thug (5-8)
Goblin Weaver (5-8)
Goblin Fisher (5-8)
Goblin Tinkerer (12-16)
Goblin Ambusher (12-16)
Goblin Butcher (12-16)
Giant Grub (14-16)
Goblin Leecher (21-23)
Goblin Gambler (21-23)
Goblin Mugger (21-23)

The Zones

Palborough Mines

The lowest levels of the mines, where you first enter, are teeming with low level Quadav, who are only worth the experience that you can wrest from them on your way higher. For parties of 15-19, you target should be Greater, Veteran and Onyx Quadavs. On your way up, be sure to look for Mine Scorpions, as they can drop scythes that can be turned in for region points.

Those that are level 20+ will find the Onyx Quadavs (et al) may be not enough of a challenge, though the xp for the ones in the upper chambers are higher level. This being the case, you should turn your eye to the Old, Copper and Brass Quadavs, located across the river in the upper portion of the mines, near the Egg Chambers and the entrance to the Burning Circle. You should keep an eye out for Scimitar Scorpions, as they may drop an even higher level scythe than their lower level cousins.

Dangruf Wadi

For a party of any level, the Goblin Thugs, Weavers and Fishers will supply very very little xp, and are only worth killing on the way deeper into the area for the chance of armor drops. Parties of 15-19 will find the Tinkerers, Butchers and Ambushers prime targets for both xp and loot. It should be noted that Giant Grubs, while not beastmen, drop Hermit's Rings fairly often.

Parties of 20+ will find xp to be more to their liking if they target Leechers, Muggers and Gamblers. Though killing worms and lower Goblins never hurts for their drops as well, since at 20+ you can scythe through these easy foes with alacrity.

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