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Starter Areas


A Guide by Chrisjander

So you've found Outpost Teleportation to your liking, and you want to complete a supply quest to every available region... There's only two problems: your nation never controls the two starter regions of the other nations! This can be frustrating to the well meaning completionist. Ronfaure, Gustaberg and Sarutabaruta are almost always under the perpetual control of their respective nations. Well, it's not impossible, but you too could organize the effort to conquest these often sought after regions. This guide will explain how the conquest works and a few methods for each region to help you get your coveted supply quest done.

How Conquest Works

While most of this information can be found in the Conquest article, I feel the need to reiterate some points here. By obtaining your nation's Signet, you can earn conquest and region points for you nation to gain control of the various regions of the game. At Japanese Midnight on Sunday, the conquest is tallied, and the nation with the most region points in a specific region will gain control of that region until the next conquest tally. You can gain region points for you nation in two ways:

1) Earn Experience Points

When you have your nation's Signet active, defeat monsters and receive Experience Points, you will also earn Conquest Points for yourself and Region Points for your home nation. The more experience a monster is worth, the more conquest and region points you earn.

2) Turn in unused equipment to Outpost Vendors

While this option is obviously not available when an area is controlled by beastmen (no Guards or Vendors), this is practically always an option for starter areas. This includes weapons and armor. The amount of region points that your nation is awarded is based on how much the item is worth to an NPC. The greater the value of the item, the more region points are awarded 1.

Conquest Party

While the following methods are capable of being done solo, the effects will be compounded considerably when you include more people. At least one party is recommended, and the more you can organize the better. The plan is as follows: Each party will enter a dungeon and kill beastmen for XP and armor/weapon drops. The xp earned will award your nation with region points, and the armor that drops from the beastmen can be turned in to the outpost for additional region points. Also, why not level while you're here? I should point out that you should not expect armor drop rates to be spectacular. They are meant to supplement the region points you gain from the XP from killing the mobs and are the secondary goal in this endeavor.

Each party should all be the same nationality, level 15+ and consist of the following:

A Healer

Your party will take damage, so someone has to mitigate this problem. This need not be a white mage, though they make an excellent choice. This could very easily be a SMN, a BLM, a DNC or even a PLD. So long as they can keep your party running, they will do fine. Also, it is very important that your healer should be meleeing when they're not resting for MP (if they use MP). I will point out that Drain Samba is a very useful tool for a healer of any breed, so DNC main or sub is a very good choice.

A Thief

Since one of your goals is to obtain armor/weapons to turn in to the outpost, a level 15+ Thief will have Treasure Hunter, which can help in this respect. Since most daggers are pretty weak at this level, I recommend using a sword, but always play with whatever is more fun for you.

A Runner

"A what?" you ask? This party member (who is neither the thief nor the healer) has the job of ferrying armor drops from the dungeon to the outpost. This person can be any job, though anything that helps the mobs die faster is best. Since this person needs to carry the gear, they need to make sure they have quite a bit of inventory space available for this. They will lot on all gear that drops (as well as any that can be crafted with drops). Once their inventory is full, they will take the gear to the outpost and trade it in and then return.

A Synchee

With the advent of level synch, setting up a working party of the correct level is much easier than it used to be. This is simply someone (not the runner) who will be the lowbie job required to allow everyone to be the correct level to receive xp. They can be the healer, the THF, or any of the other party members, but they cannot be the runner, since the runner needs to leave the zone.


The other party members can be anything you feel would help you kill more mobs faster. Having at least one with Provoke will allow you to save people in emergencies, but since the level of the mobs you fight are usually not very dangerous, this shouldn't have to be used too often.

Alternatively, you can forgo others and simply make multiple 3-man parties consisting of Healer, THF and Runner. In this case, obviously the THF or the Healer must be the Synchee. With a 3-man party, you can take advantage of the XP bonus from Signet, though always consider the lower party recommendations when choosing which mobs to fight. That is to say, if you are a 3-man party at level 20, you should consider taking the recommendations I lay out for level 15-19 parties.

The Regions

Each region has its own little idiosyncrasies, so I will detail what you need to know for each region in its own section. Obviously you will not need to read the section for your own nation's starting area, so skip that in favor of the others.

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