Icon abi composure.png Composure Ability


Increases accuracy and lengthens recast time. Enhancement effects gained through white and black magic you cast on yourself last longer. Also increases the damage of enchanted weapons.

Obtained: Lv.50 RDM
Recast: 5 minutes
Duration: 120 minutes

Macro Syntax: /ja "Composure" <me>

Icon status composure.png Composure Status Effect

Increases accuracy

  • Increases both Accuracy and Magic Accuracy.
  • This bonus scales with character level to the following formula: (((Lv.*24) +74) /49)
    • This equates to +26 at level 50 and +50 at level 99.
  • This aspect of the ability can be enhanced by spending Job Points on the Red Mage category Composure Effect.
    • For each level purchased, the bonus increases by 1 to a maximum of +20 when all 20 levels are purchased.

Lengthens recast time

  • Increases recast time for all magic by 25%, including magic that is not otherwise affected by Composure, and magic that is not classified as white or black magic, such as Songs and Ninjutsu.
    • Accession and Manifestation recast duration increase is multiplied with that of Composure, for a total multiplier of x3.75.

Enhancement effects gained through white and black magic you cast on yourself last longer.

  • The duration of most Enhancing Magic spells that you cast on yourself while under this effect are tripled. Unless the effect is augmented (see below), Enhancing spells cast on other players do not receive this benefit, nor will enhancements cast by other players onto someone with Composure active.
  • The spells compatible with Composure include the following:
  • Protect/Protectra spells, Shell/Shellra spells, and Reraise spells are not tripled in duration, nor are any other Enhancing spells from other spell categories, such as Cocoon (from /BLU subjob).
  • If any spell has an AoE effect, such as a Bar-ra spell like Barfira, or a spell under the effect of Accession, the extended buff will be applied to the caster but not to other players.
  • The Composure augmentation from the Estoqueur's_Armor_+2_Set and its Reforged versions (the Lethargy Armor Set and Lethargy Armor +1 Set) enhance duration of spells cast on others by 10% with 2 pieces equipped, 20% with 3 pieces equipped, 35% with 4 pieces equipped, and 50% for all 5 pieces equipped. Spells with an AoE effect are also augmented by this.
    • Note that this armor must be equipped when the spell is cast for the increased duration to take effect, not when Composure is used.

Also increases the damage of enchanted weapons

  • The additional damage granted by all Enspells and Enspell IIs is increased.
  • This bonus scales with character level,
    • This equates to a x3 multiplier at level 99, applied after any other increases.


  • Composure status is removed by level syncing, zoning, or logging out.
  • Composure can be removed with Dispel.
  • Composure can be manually removed.
    • Buff duration is determined upon application, meaning that if self-enhancements are cast under Composure and then the Composure effect is removed, the extended duration of the buffs remains.
    • Likewise, recast time is also determined upon application; any iterations of spells cast under a Composure effect which is subsequently removed will still have the longer recast time.


  • Composure is not available to characters that have Red Mage set as a support job that exceeds level 49 under the Master Levels system.

Equipment that affects this ability







November 2021

  • 'Style-change' abilities such as Composure remain unusable even if your support job is level 50 or higher.

February 2019

  • The effects of Composure have been changed.
    • Increases magic accuracy for the duration.
      *This effect’s value scales with character level.
    • Lengthens recast time for the duration.
    • Enhancement effects gained through white and black magic you cast on yourself last longer.
    • Increases the damage of En- spells for the duration.
      *This effect’s value scales with character level.

April 2009

  • Ability added.